Advice for picking Living Room Furniture for your Apartment

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March 10, 2016

  • First, you absolutely shouldn’t loading your living room full of furniture. You have to figure out the activities you want to do with your apartment. By choosing wisely the furniture, you still can lighten up your living room even the small apartments.
    1. Budget and Shopping
    When you rent an apartment in HCMC, it usually doesn’t have furniture. New furniture usually costs a lot of money.
    Stay on top of your finances by establishing a furniture budget that corresponds with your financial condition. Our opinion is you should check with relatives and friends for sturdy furniture that are taking up space in their garages, basements or attics that they would love to give away. You can refurbish a well-constructed furniture piece to suit your style for only a small sum of money.
    Then, you can take a look at liquidation shops and thrift shops, you will be definitely surprise. But you have to check the furniture carefully for any dent or damages. Also, bargaining is a must.

    1. Size
    Measure the width and height of doorways, stairwells and hallways leading into your apartment to ensure that a piece of furniture can even make it to the interior space of your apartment. Also, select furniture pieces that are in scale with the size of your living room -- ceiling height and actual floor space.
    1. Aesthetics
    Everyone loves beauty. That’s why aesthetic is really matter. A safe solution is to choose transitional furniture pieces that blend both traditional and contemporary features.
    1. Multifunctional
    Use a storage ottoman for several purposes: relax sitting, a convenient place to set drinks and snacks, a game table, and extra space to store bedding for a pull-out sofa, personal items or electronic paraphernalia, etc

     Save precious space in your apartment living room by choosing furniture pieces that do double duty.

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