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Vinhomes Central Park apartments for rent BT105058 with a beautiful design combined with luxurious interior and advanced gadget, beautiful city view at night.

-.- Living room reference story: Sunken-style living room design

Sunken living rooms have a significant history that goes back — at least in the contemporary sense — to conversation pit designs by the likes of architect Bruce Goff. He is incorporated a sunken seating area into the Adah Robinson residence in 1927. In the late ’50s, architects Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard added one to their famous Miller House in Indiana. Hollywood caught on, making a sunken living room the focal point of home life on the The Dick Van Dyke Show in the ’60s. Saarinen elevated the style with a snappy design in the JFK airport in 1962. The trend had been validated.
The simple and obvious reason is that dropping the floor can create more headroom in spaces where raising the roof isn’t an option. Let's think in a broader sense, the popularity of the throwback design is a response to the mainstream popularity of open floor plans, which, while airy and funtional, create a big continuous space that makes transitioning from one material to other resource rather difficult. Without partitions, walls or thresholds, how do you switch from a wood floor to poured concrete if there’s no clear delineation between spaces? 

Vinhomes Central Park apartments for rent
Soon homeowners across the world were scrambling to be en vogue with step-down living spaces. The style seemed to peak in the ’70s & soon tapered off overtime. Lately, however, designers and homeowners are bringing sunken living rooms back, if for more practical purposes. 
Designer Niesmer used a sunken living room in a Toronto, house when a remodel opened up the kitchen, family and living rooms into one continuous space. Epstein recognized the need for some delineation. She says: "Stepping down gives the sense that this is a different room, that it’s not such a long, vast space.”

-.- Kitchen reference story: Beautiful kitchen with white and wood

Special feature: Light wood stools, chairs and a farmhouse table layer on white cabinets (Linen White by Benjamin Moore) for a creamy, vintage look. 
Homeowners’ new request: This was a new construction project in which the homeowners, a couple with three young children and another on the way at the time, wanted a timeless look that incorporated traditional and modern pieces. Because it was new construction, the space had no limiting factors to begin with. “Timeless with a twist,” says designer Traqzalos. 
Plan of attack: The white cabinet paint came first, followed by the light wood furniture pieces. Balboa Mist, a soft neutral by Benjamin Moore, was selected as the wall color because the rest of the house is a soft blend of grays, creams and light blues.
Vinhomes Central Park apartments for rent
Why the design works: By mixing modern elements — wishbone chairs, light wood, Calacatta marble slab backsplash with traditional elements such as the oil painting in the gilt frame, pleated island light fixtures, buffalo check window treatments - this kitchen exudes timeless charm, Traqzalos says. 
Traqzalos says: “We needed a farmhouse table that wouldn’t splinter and would hold up to the daily use of a family of six. For the wishbone-shaped Oslo chairs, we had custom cushions made in a smoky blue fabric, that we to add comfort that were then Scotchguarded and given Velcro fastenings for easy removal and cleaning. The table is made from durable mango wood. Because we were designing for a young family in this year, so we needed functionality that tied in with the aesthetic.”

Designer Traqzalos secret: “Find a fresh interpretation of something tried and true,” Traqzalos says: “Because we see that it is a fresh twist on something very classical, so we select the buffalo check for the window treatments. The light blue of the buffalo check ties in with the other blues and grays throughout the home. The larger scale is brings a freshness to the space with an update of a classic pattern. ” 
Stools: homeowners’ own; the nitty-gritty: Countertops and backsplash: Calacatta marble; wall paint: Balboa Mist, Benjamin Moore; cabinet and trim paint: Linen White, Benjamin Moore; table: farmhouse in mango wood, Sarreid; wishbone chairs: Oslo, Bungalow 5; window treatments and chair cushions: custom

-.- Bedroom reference story: Sleeping more with orange
Vinhomes Central Park apartments for rent
The warm color also creates a "reassuring and stable atmosphere, it can even help digestion too.  Orange, surprisingly, is close behind, with people getting an average of seven hours and 28 minutes of sleep. And especially if you have eaten a large or ate-evening meal," according to the survey.

-.- Bathroom reference story: Way design shower niche so nice for bathroom

Large, Organized and Elegant
Niche tile: The mosaic is Carrara with a dark gray marble mini square. The back of the niche is a mosaic that matches the mosaic carpet on the bathroom floor and the mosaic on the floor of the shower.  The tiles are from Prosource (Canton, Massachusettes)
Niche size: 38 inches high by 24 inches wide and 38 inches from the floor
Shower tile: 12-inch squares of Carrara marble 


This couple wanted to update their house in suburban Boston in a transitional yet classic style. Interior designer Greiser says: “Because the wall to the right has a bench and a glass panel window, the wall to the left has plumbing, the facing wall was the glass door, the location of the niche was mainly influenced by the space on the interior wall. Their only request for the niche was having several shelves to organize their products. This space was best ergonomically.” She placed the handheld shower on the same plane as the niche in oder to please the eye.
“Niche size is really about the range in size of the bottles and ensuring there was more space than they needed — clients didn’t want to have any products on the shower bench,” Greiser says. The framing was able to accommodate the dimensions, which are taller than the typical shower niche.
Tips for niche: Greiser advises measuring not only the bottles you have on hand, but also thinking about other products that might need to fit in the niche in the future. She prefers adding a separate wire basket for gloppy soaps. Finally, she also recommends placing the niche where you won’t hit it with your arms and where it won’t be directly hit with water from the shower head. 

Vinhomes Central Park apartments for rent
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