Apartment for rent - Vinhomes Central Park - BT105043
$1,100/ month

Vinhomes Central Park Rent 84 Sqm BT105043 is an apartment for rent is beautifully decorated with blue tones with luxurious furnishings and modern.

-.- Living room reference story: What our living rooms say about us?
Vinhomes Central Park rent
We are a young, college-educated couple in the suburban South. We love cooking shows and attend church every Sunday. Next year we are going to either get a puppy or start a family.

I live in California, and back in the day I used to hang out with Joni Mitchell in Topanga Canyon. I buy organic food, like to travel to exotic locations and practice meditation.

We rent this place. One of us is very traditional — beige and burgundy, please — and one of us is a little more adventuresome. This room is our compromise.
I grew up bicoastal and then lived in Morocco, where I still have a second home. I am a painter, and my father is a huge donor to major art museums. My children attend a very highly rated private school.
I'm an architect, and my wife is a poet. Last year we traveled to Denmark during the summer. We enjoy classical music. Both of us are originally from the East Coast but live in the West now.

-.- Kitchen reference story: How to mix white and wood?
Vinhomes Central Park rent
Special feature: Custom white cabinetry with honed marble countertops, maple butcher block countertops and cerused white oak shelving. "It keeps things bright and airy but still warm," says designer Stefani Bellrus. Limed oak floors in the living room and cement tile floors in the kitchen add additional warmth and personality while complementing the exposed pine beams between the living room and kitchen. Matte subway tiles, a tile wrapped range hood, dark grout, brass hardware, refurbished vintage Viking appliances, clean yet mouldings casings and classic reinforce the goal of a remodel that feels current and timeless.
Homeowners’ request: A fresh take on the existing traditional style of a 1920s bungalow. Bellrus says: "Because the home had low ceilings and additions from several different eras, we wanted to make it feel brighter and more open, while simultaneously unifying the additions to true to the bones of the original architecture and feel cohesive."


The secret from one designer: "Going with a bright white palette, the brass was an integral part of adding warmth to the space," Bellrus says. "Unlacquered brass ages naturally, acquiring a lovely patina that evolves over time. This space had low ceilings, pink carpet and a dining room that was actually larger than the living room. It felt cramped and wasn’t even remotely functional. Raising the ceiling was an obvious starting point, but the addition of three large skylights in the kitchen flooded the space with light, let's taking the transformation to the next level."
"Uh-oh" moment: The various additions to the home had left it with various window types — wooden, aluminum and vinyl. After Bellrus and the homeowners agreed to replace all the windows, they realized that because of the additions, all the window sizes were different, current sizes wouldn’t match unless they went custom which wasn’t in the budget. Bellrus say: "In the end, we were able to sit down with the contractor and  the window representative to come up with creative framing ideas that   looked fantastic and solved the problem ."

Cabinet paint: White Cliffs, Portola Paints & Glazes; the nitty-gritty: Wall paint: Bit of Sugar, Behr; floor: limed oak; countertops: custom-stained maple butcher block; wall-mounted shelves: cerused white oak; exposed beams: pine with hand-distressed finish; cabinet hardware: unlacquered brass, Rejuvenation; lighting above sink: Schoolhouse Electric; desk lamp: West Elm; rugs: Jamal’s Rug Collection; desk chair: Martin & Brockett; fixtures: Waterstone; vintage bronze lidded bowl: Hollywood at Home; oven and range: refurbished vintage, Viking.
Savings and splurges: "By going with classic subway tiles on the walls, we were able to splurge on honed Carrara countertops," Bellrus says.

-.- Bedroom reference story: Way choose color to more sleep
Vinhomes Central Park rent
The survey suggests that a soothing silver bedroom mimics moonlight, which cues the brain to know that it's nighttime and time for sleep.

People get an average of seven hours and 33 minutes of sleep with silver bedrooms, while 21 percent surveyed say they are more motivated to exercise in their bedroom

-.- Bathroom reference story: Turn the shower niche into design star

She says: “Avoid exterior walls when possible, or make the wall extra deep so that you can get appropriate insulation behind it. In general, it’s hard to get the niches placed where you want them, if there is room to make the wall extra deep, that helps, but more often than not mechanicals get in the way.”
“The challenge with this shower was that it was so narrow and only 3 feet wide,” designer Bulri Maner says. “When you look in the shower, the niche wall is the direct line of vision, which is why we chose to put the niches on that wall so it provides a nice focal point. To address this then she placed the shower fixtures on the adjacent wall to provide elbow room. 
Tips for niches: “We added a few more inches to account for taller bottles and room to reach your hand over the pump. Typical large bottles of shampoo with pumps start around 12 inches high,” Bulri Maner says. 
Vinhomes Central Park rent
Here, in the same bathroom, you can see the matching Carrara marble on the countertops. The color of the vanity plays off the veins in the marble.

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