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    1. What is Modoho?

    Modoho is a fast, simple, easy rental service platform in the real estate sector that helps expats find best quality renting solutions in Vietnam. Everything you have to do is looking for your house in our website, click to view and visit the property and then sign the contract before moving in, everything is done as fast as possible and well delivered to you.

    2. How is Modoho different from its competitors?

    What make Modoho stand out from the market is its platform highlights that support expats in finding houses faster with better quality: Optimized Search: With a rich database of hundreds of renting spaces, we make it easy and convenient for you to select the basic filters for your search. Searches can include simply rooms, price to wifi availability, pets, gym etc. 360 degree Virtual Tour: We give you the power to see all the houses virtually, on your computer screens as if you were present there. Thus reducing time and effort to check every house manually. Reviews and Ratings: To ensure an honest and trustworthy user experience we have incorporated feedbacks and rating systems for agents and properties.

    3. What does "Proceed to Negotiation" button do ?

    This button is for tenants and customers to notify Modoho to follow up with its rental services. Tenant presses the button when knowing that the customer, who visited the house, likes it very much and wants to negotiate or review all the contract terms. Modoho will then take care of the negotiation, contracting, legal advisory, residential registration and move-in preparation for the customer. Customer presses the button when he/she wants to rent the house after visiting. Modoho will then take care of negotiation, landlord validation, contracting process, move-in preparation and communication support during the renting period.

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