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    Skyscrapercity Vinhomes Central Park 128 Sqm BT105006 has new and beautiful furniture, bedroom views of the Saigon River brings great life experiences.

    -.- Living room reference story: Way to design small living room

    Skyscrapercity Vinhomes Central Park
    Try a backless sofa, sometimes the best position for the sofa is not on the wall but in the middle of the room, in an open-plan space. But unless your sofa is quite small (see previous photo), so a couch in the middle of a small room can really gobble up space. A backless sofa is a very chic alternative and can be used from both sides — quite a bonus when seating options are limited. It can act as a divider between two seating area if you want to use it in a larger room someday.
    The layout: A backless sofa floats in the center of this open-plan space. A small table between sits with a pair of upholstered armchairs beneath a bank of windows opposite the sofa. The backless sofa can handle two people perching on each side, a small side table that can double as an extra seat sits beside the sofa — and during a party. Seats: four to seven.
    Add plants. Like wallpaper and mirrors, plants are a wonderful way to add depth to a small living room. Plants are especially effective in corners and beside or behind chairs and sofas. Lush greenery softens corners and fools the eye into thinking there is more to the room than there really is.


    Use multifunctional furniture. In a small living room, each piece of furniture should earn its keep. Think of nesting side tables that can be moved around as needed or versatile little stools that can be seats or tables, using ottomans that work as a coffee table or extra seating.
    The layout: A sleek, armless sofa floats slightly away from the wall; two large, low ottomans double as coffee tables and seats. Seats: two to four.

    -.- Kitchen reference story: Kitchen layouts for the good old galley
    Skyscrapercity Vinhomes Central Park
    This's a classic galley kitchen, including the use of pans, hanging pots and commercial feel feel with the range hood. The super-efficient pattern of working left to right and right to left between sink and range is what I think of when I think "galley kitchen."

    Here is a perfect example of a residential galley kitchen. It's likely that there's a kitchen table near where the photographer was standing. The sink is on the opposite wall but still maintains the tight work triangle. Adding a kitchen table would be another way that the galley kitchen can be modified to meet the needs of a modern family.

    -.- Bedroom reference story: The secret to more sleep

    Skyscrapercity Vinhomes Central Park
    Of course, when your eyes closed and the lights off, you don't see much color with, but the color of your walls and decor affects how you sleep before you close your eyes, the survey found.
    On average, seven hours and 52 minutes of sleep is the time that the survey respondents sleeping in a blue bedroom get, the most in the survey, which was conducted by Travelodge, a budget-friendly hotel chain in the U.K. Builders, civil servants and teachers tend to choose blue most often for their bedrooms, according to the survey.


    The study surmises that since blue has long been associated with feelings of water - calmness, blue sky etc. The color helps us chill out before sleep. In fact, blue also is said to help reduce blood pressure and heart rate, for more sound sleep.

    -.- Bathroom reference story: Tricks to spruce up old bathroom without renovating

    Skyscrapercity Vinhomes Central Park
    Sometimes the color combinations of tile can be intense. Instead of drapes, you should find a shower curtain that packs a punch. White towels help keep things calm and bring the wall color into the tile field. Here, the curtain fabric makes all the difference, adding interest to the bathroom but also helping the red and peach tiles feel more coherent.

    In vintage bathrooms the electrical outlets tend to be mounted above the tile, this is making them more prominent than you might prefer. If you paint the walls, paint the outlet covers to match. though with continued use, this will help hide the outlet a bit, you may have to touch up the paint. If it’s a kids’ bathroom, as in this example, it’s the perfect spot for a nightlight. You just try to make the shade blend in with the wall and the outlet looks useful instead of being an eyesore. Work with it, on a smaller scale.

    Create a diversion. To neutralizing the tile color, the wallpaper in this example goes a long way, because it is dramatically dark instead of a lighter gray, which would have brought attention back to the tiles. The black motifs in the wallpaper tie in with the black accents in the tilework, add some interest to keep the eye moving around the space. 
    Your wallpaper can have as much color and pattern as you like, it doesn’t have to be gray or another neutral. If you have a shower in your bathroom, just make sure you have good ventilation, so that the paper does not peel off the walls. Stick to a plain shower curtain if you go for a colorful wallpaper, then let the wallpaper do all the work.
    Make it functional. Wall-hung or pedestal sinks are always nice to make a tight space look open. Older bathrooms usually do not have many towel bars or hooks. You should adding a wall-hung towel rack above the tile will provide a fair amount of storage, keep the space open. Even the containers you choose, you can add personality, a bit of helpful distraction and a level of cohesion to your bathroom. Glass shelves are another alternative to keep cotton swabs, toothbrushes and other necessities organized. 

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    International School Khai Sáng

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