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    Vinhomes Central Park Vietnam 83 Sqm BT105075 is an apartment for rent is designed in a contemporary style. The highlight is the interior arranged in harmony.

    -.- Living room reference story: How to design the neat living room?
    Vinhomes Central Park Vietnam
    Use rolling storage for kids’ toys. Keep a variety of your child’s favorite toys in storage baskets on wheels. The bins can be wheeled from room to room, making it easy to stow things and clean up away when you need a tidy space, like, now.

    Give newspapers and magazines a temporary home. One neat basket of magazines or newspapers looks fine, a table strewn with them, but not so much. Dedicate one generously sized basket to house periodicals, and commit to weeding out old issues when they no longer comfortably fit in the container.

    Vinhomes Central Park Vietnam
    Be honest about what is used in this room and make space for it. Do the kids use the living room as their playroom? Do you craft while watching TV? Stop the constant struggle to clean up these items and put them where they “belong.” Instead, work in some permanent living room storage space for toys, crafts, games and so on. If you need to make the first room, take out items that are not frequently used in the living room. Books that you want to keep but that no one is likely to read again anytime soon could go on shelves in a bedroom, for instance.

    Use baskets. If you want a neater living room, make friends with baskets. But before you shop for baskets, figure out what you really want to keep in the living room so you can choose the right ones for the job. Toys are best in open baskets, because they make it easier for little ones to find what they are looking for; messy-looking items and personal documents are better stowed in lidded baskets. And remember to measure your shelves before shopping; you don’t want to come home with a carload of new organizing supplies only to find they don’t fit.

    -.- Kitchen reference story: How to smart investment in kitchen cabinetry?
    Vinhomes Central Park Vietnam
    Create an optimal layout. Long before a kitchen starts to take actual shape, in oder to offer maximum benefits to the homeowners and their guests, there needs to be a well-crafted plan for how the kitchen will be laid out . Layout is the number-one feature home buyers are looking at in a kitchen," says Pitteuf - designer Spanish. "If cabinets aren't designed in a functional way with good flow, you will lose your audience."

    A kitchen or cabinet designer can help you get started. Don’t make any rushed decisions in the planning process. Granted, although it will give you a chance to literally go through the measurements to see if everything feels good distance, but you're going to need a really good imagination for this to work. One way to help visualize a designer's plan is to tape out the dimensions of the new cabinet configurations on the floor and walls. 

    Invest in quality cabinetry. In a kitchen remodel, quality cabinets are one of the smartest investments, says Pitteuf, owner of Soraton Kitchens. "The lesser grades of cabinets tend not to age gracefully and often need more upkeep.” He share that once you've got a plan for where everything's going to go, decide on quality and a style that will age well, withstand trends, changing tastes.

    -.- Bedroom reference story: Bedrooms which we’d love to fall asleep in
    Vinhomes Central Park Vietnam
    A soaring, cedar-clad ceiling punctuates this picturesque bedroom in South Carolina. Again, gray walls and bedding deliver a soothing, inviting atmosphere that doesn’t distract from the view.
    Bed: Flora king bed, Vanguard Furniture; ceiling: cedar, with 50-50 mix of Minwax Natural and Dark Walnut stains; rug: Modern Classics (CAN-1907), paint: Comfort Gray by Sherwin-Williams; floor: hickory, with Minwax Dark Walnut stain; Candice Olson collection, Surya; windows: Jeld-Wen Siteline; light: Malina drum pendant, Kichler, Ferguson; chair: Staffordshire club chair, Sam Moore.

    This Birmingham, Alabama, bedroom features many of the recurring elements we’ve seen in this article: painted wood ceiling, gray tones, statement light fixture and layered, neutral bedding.
    Dark gray quilt: Pottery Barn; curtains: custom, Rosegate Design; light gray quilt: Villa Home; floor lamp: Rebecca floor lamp, Gabby Lighting; chair: Mayo Furniture; rug: Giulia, Chandra Rugs; paint color: Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams.


    A light fixture and geometric ceiling treatment set a polished, contemporary tone in this Cali, Nevada, bedroom, while simple furnishings and decor in organic tones establish a calm and comfortable attitude.

    In this Massachusetts bedroom, a generous dose of soft white paint creates a refreshing atmosphere. Meanwhile, built-in storage below the window seat and on either side of the bed and below it turns a tranquil space into an organization workhorse.

    -.- Bathroom reference story: Which vanity will suit for you?


    Single sink. Sometimes a single vanity will do the job nicely, thank you very much. This modestly sized bathroom is just big enough to fit in a good-size sink. It's ensure that surfaces are kept clutter-free with practical cupboard space beneath. To further maximize space, you could choose wall-mounted faucets, too, which would enhance the streamlined aesthetic.

     Vinhomes Central Park Vietnam
    This curvaceous vanity is more like an elegant piece of furniture than a functional bathroom must-have. The seamlessly molded sink with the freestanding has a handy side “wings” for displaying and storing bathroom essentials, plus a black lacquered cupboard underneath to hide the remaining odds and ends. Stick to monochrome for a timeless bathroom design, it's make highlight with a bright accent for extra pizzazz. This is Freestanding style.

    Perch on a plinth. If your storage needs are already covered, your choice of vanity doesn’t need to revolve around umpteen drawers and cupboards. Instead, you can pick a striking piece that relies more on aesthetics than humdrum functionality. Here, a pair of modern sculptural sinks sits on a wall-hung plinth, thick. Finally, the result is a light and airy visual feast. The shelf below is perfect for stashing fresh towels.


    One thing for definitely applies to the bathroom, you can never have enough storage when it comes to kids. If the younger members of the family are lucky enough to have their own separate bathing area, then try to squeeze in as much drawer space and cupboard as possible. The rainbow stripes on this long, lean vanity add a sense of fun. This is Kids style.

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    International School Khai Sáng

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    ISasa Ballet Star Hill Studio

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