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Vinhomes Central Park skyscrapercity 68 Sqm BT105005 has brown tones and white mainstream is creating comfortable. You can relax with swimming pool nearby.

-.- Living room reference story: How to layout a small living room?

There is more to living room furniture than full-size sofas and bulky armchairs, so you can choose small-scale furniture. Antiques shops are a great place to look for small-scale furniture, because until the last half century or so, the average room size was typically quite small . I think small settees, love seats and chairs that can work for your space.
The layout: With petite tables on either side, the love seat is centered in front of the bay window. A pair of Louis XVI armchairs sit opposite the sofa, with a trunk as a coffee table in between. A slim console table opposite an antique recamier is positioned on the wall diagonally across from the sofa. Seats: six.

Vinhomes Central Park skyscrapercity
Look up. If your small living room is blessed with high ceilings, take full advantage of that extra space! Fill the vertical space with an eclectic art gallery. While vertical space doesn’t help with squeezing in an extra seat, drawing the eye upward does help give the impression that your room is grander that it would otherwise seem and far larger. 
Completely fill a corner. It’s a bit counterintuitive, but if you have a small corner living room space, the largest piece of furniture possible can actually make it feel bigger. Why? A generously sized sectional (like the one shown here) is comfortable & able to seat tons of people. It helps the room feel uncluttered because it reads as just one piece. A modern sectional with clean, straight lines works better in a small space than an overstuffed version. Seats: seven or eight.
The layout: A tailored sectional sofa is in one corner, with a pair of leather folding stools pulled in close to form a conversational group. Fill out the group with a slipper chair if you have the room. 

The layout: One armchair and an upholstered ottoman (that can double as an extra seat) round out the group. A small sofa floats in the middle of this open-plan space, facing a media center on the wall. Seats are three or four.
Downsize the sofa. In some spaces a full-size sofa just won’t do. Try a slimmed-down love seat or a petite sofa on for size instead. You can choose one with clean lines and exposed legs for the airiest look.

-.- Kitchen reference story: Way to choosing kitchen finishes wisely

Vinhomes Central Park skyscrapercity
To pull the space together, you should use additional finishes . "A monochromatic approach is great, in case the countertop is visually active, calm it down on the backsplash. If the counters are rich and dark, go with a lighter backsplash," says Dorort designer, "let contrast be the key." Choose a backsplash color that visually contrasts with your countertop and cabinetry. Floors are usually decided based on the surrounding rooms, you need make sure the colors won't clash with what's in your kitchen. 
The other little things — lighting, fixtures, bar stools and hardware — can tie the look of the kitchen together, less is more here. Venuan designer says: "Kitchens of multiple materials and colors require a lot of finesse."

-.- Bedroom reference story: Set the mood color for the calming bedroom


In the quest for colors that relax and soothe, I always recommend turning to nature for inspiration. One such hue is the color of the sky on a crisp, clear day. This is one of my enjoy bedroom shades for folks who don’t want anything too dark but want something a little more colorful than gray. Look for a light blue with just a hint of gray to avoid a pastel baby blue that’s more appropriate for a nursery.
Combine the hue with other neutrals such as chocolate brown or warm grays and taupes, if your goal is to create a restful feeling in the space, as shown here. Because of the touch of gray, icy blue can serve as a neutral in your palette, so you can pair it with almost any other color you like.
Soft neutral green. Think sage, a light pistachio hue or celery. These are also colors taken from nature and being surrounded by them while inside your home can elicit feelings of serenity and contentment. What about these greens is that you can go with a barely there whisper of color, it still feels grounded and elegant and not at all pastel. Again, the trick is to find a green that has a good bit of gray in it.

Vinhomes Central Park skyscrapercity
While the previous soft neutral green has warm undertones, this one is a bit cooler, so both look wonderful with medium to dark woods.
Lavender. This isn’t your teenager’s purple bedroom. Purple hues are thought to be stress-reducing, so this super soft one is sure to lend a calming aura. A muted lavender wall color is a sophisticated option for a master bedroom. It’s definitely a chilly hue, so think about how you can counter that coolness with warm wood floors or a warm-hued carpet.

-.- Bathroom reference story: How to spruce up an older bathroom?

Vinhomes Central Park skyscrapercity
Paint the tiles. If you really can’t stand the color of your existing tiles, you can paint them, it won’t last as long as replacing the tile. According to Dana Waldecker, a professional painter in the Boston area, you’ll need a very good primer — typically oil based, not water based. Every project is different, and there’s no eraser when it comes to painting tile. Even if you end up doing some of the work yourself, i think you should consult a professional painter to review the materials you’re planning to use and your specific wall conditions. 
The homeowner applied a high-adhesion primer over the tiles and topped it with a white satin latex paint. The bathroom shown here originally featured a checkerboard of white and mint-green tiles.
If you don’t want to paint all your tile, you just paint accent tiles such as the crown in a contrasting color.


Live it up. Bathrooms are the perfect place to try something a bit more daring or fun than you’d be willing to commit to in, say, your living room. Add fun wallpaper, curtains, a ceiling fixture and painted vanity doors to make your bathroom its own little showplace. 

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