Apartment for rent - Vinhomes Central Park - BT105007
$1,200/ month

Vinhomes Ho Chi Minh 87 Sqm BT105007 is an apartment for rent with 2 new bedrooms, fully furnished. Living here you will enjoy many upper-class amenities.

-.- Living room reference story: Small living room, how to design and layout?

Vinhomes Ho Chi Minh
Instead of letting lots of small pieces of furniture (a chest there, a bookshelf here) eat up space, bite the bullet and devote one entire wall to storage. In oder to contain everything from books to a media center — perhaps even a pull-down desk, a floor-to-ceiling storage wall should be customized.
The layout: This built-in storage wall has bookshelves and cabinets, a hide-away TV, a small-scale love seat is opposite. A low-slung plywood Eames lounge chair has been slipped in front of the media wall without blocking the storage.
Keep a stash of spare seats. It may not be possible to have as many seating options as you would like in a truly small space. One way to get around this is by storing a few folding café chairs, stacking stools under a bed or in a closet, where you can easily pull them out when company is coming. Seats: three.


Shake up the sofa-and-armchair routine. This stylish, petite living room has a wood-frame daybed (which doubles as a guest bed), a window seat and a little upholstered settee, offering an array of seating options without a single traditional sofa or armchair in sight.

-.- Kitchen reference story: The Galley kitchen is still a great layout for cooking

Vinhomes Ho Chi Minh
This kitchen has the range and refrigerator on the main wall and the main sink in the island, making for a really tight work triangle. Typically people think of a galley kitchen as two parallel lines of wall and base cabinets, but I see the kitchen with an island and parallel wall as a modern interpretation of the classic galley kitchen. 


If you don't have a lot of room, rather than having the three inch strip of stone required for the front of standard undermount sink, you should putting your main sink in the island can be a great option for this kitchen. Even better if it's the farm sink, you will has an extra 3 inches in back of the faucet due to the sink being pulled forward.


Here's a more unfitted European approach, with a freestanding island with the main sink, prep sink and range all on one wall. This example might be taking creative liberty with my theme because the refrigerator is on the opposite wall. But it still feels and functions like a galley.


The butler's pantry has the efficiency of the galley layout, and has been appropriated to the high-function sector of larger stagelike kitchens. The parallel walls offer maximum storage and access and no wasted space.

-.- Bedroom reference story: Top colors to more sleep

“There are specialized receptors called ganglion cells in the retina part of our eyes and which are most sensitive to the color blue," says Chris Idzikowski, a sleep expert at the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, this is an amazing result in a press release about the study. "That interaction between light, sleep and wakefulness is supremely important. These receptors feed information into an area deep in our brain that controls twenty four hour rhythms, affects how we perform and feel during the day.”

Vinhomes Ho Chi Minh
Seven hours and 40 minutes on average per night, certain shades of yellow come in second in promoting the best night's sleep. Warm yellow relaxes the body by stimulating the nervous system and calming the nerves.


-.- Bathroom reference story: How to design for shower niche?

Vinhomes Ho Chi Minh
Designer Tymbuin overall proportion of the niche and considers bottle sizes in relation to the rest of the shower. “What’s also very important to me is that there are no cut tiles, so I often wait to decide on the final dimensions of the niche once we have the tiles on site and I work it out with the tile installer,” He says.
This bathroom serves as a quiet retreat, so a peaceful, calm  and uncluttered look was key. The concrete vanity counter also has bits of recycled glass mixed in it. Kooby extended the Ann Sacks glass tiles from the shower across the vanity wall for a seamless look.


Here we get a closer look at the floor tile, Helsinki marble from Walker Zanger.
Tymbuin says: “I don’t like grout lines in niches — there is too much gunk from shampoo and soap to clean out. Also, it’s always disappointing to me when it’s obvious the builder made the niche to just fit within the studs.… I love a long, horizontal niche because it’s cooler, holds more stuff and more dramatic.”
But even with a larger niche, “I also always advise clients to take a hard look at the amount of stuff cluttering up their beautiful shower, does one really need five different types of shampoo?”, he says more.


Tips for niche: The best-planned niches may have to be altered during construction, designer Vincent says that there is the occasional instance where niche locations will need to change when renovating due to vents inside the wall or the fact there is plumbing, especially on an outside wall. Some reconfiguration may have to happen during construction in these cases. She also notes that you’ll need to ensure that it’s properly insulated with an exterior wall. 
The wide niche is the yin to the long accent feature’s yang which providing pleasing proportions between the two rectangles of accent tile. Because the view into this shower is so open from the rest of the bathroom and the shower niche and tile detail around the fixtures play an important part in its design. 
The wainscoting in this bathroom is adorned with “jewelry” in the form of upholstery nailheads. The small mosaic tiles around the niche play off this detail across the room. 
Alton considers everyone who uses the shower to factor in how much room they’ll need. She tries to give each a personal niche in the case of siblings who share a bathroom. She likes to have the clients present when planning shaving shelves, to find the most comfortable height. She also advises one at a comfortable height for showering, a two-niche solution in a tub-shower combo and the other within easy reach of bathers.

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