July 20, 2022

The Outstanding Feature of Detached House


Currently, depending on the needs, conditions and living environment, in Vietnam, there are many different types of houses and Detached House is one of them. Detached houses are very popular and attract a lot of attention in Vietnam.

Let's find out what this house type has to offer!

What is a Detached House?

Detached house is a term used to refer to houses, which do not share a wall with other buildings, 4 sides of a detached house can be a garden, swimming pool but not sharing walls with others. Basically, a bungalow, cottage, or even mansion can be termed as a single detached house, as long as it is not connected to any other property through the same wall or tenement.

The detached house models have 4 open sides, usually built on a large area, thus optimizing the natural light environment. On the other hand, Detached house also ensures privacy and independence for the owner, because it does not have to share any walls with other buildings.

A detached house with sunshine - Source: Colinsdictionary.com

Currently, it is easy to see Detached houses in Vietnam, especially in suburban areas, highlands, in harmony with nature. Detached Houses are often designed with a unique style with a different, unique and highly artistic style that is not like other detached houses. The swimming pool and garden are also a highlight in the design of this type of detached house.

What are the outstanding features of Detached House?

  • Unique architecture

Detached houses are often not the same as any other. Each home is often designed with a unique style and personal aesthetic in mind. In particular, the outside exterior space is often a prominent highlight of its architecture. The swimming pool and garden are also a highlight in the design of this type of detached house.

  • Style

The design of a single-family villa is suitable for many architectural styles, so it ensures aesthetic elements. When choosing an architectural style, it must be suitable for the landscape, and at the same time show the beauty of personality, showing the break of the owner.

  • Architecture

The detached house models have 4 open sides, usually built on a large area, thereby optimizing natural light. Taking advantage of this area, the family can arrange an aquarium, swimming pool, miniatures to own a fresh living space.

Why is Detached House so popular?

  • Open space

With the outstanding advantage of having 3-4 open sides, Detached House brings high-class beauty, honoring luxury and uniqueness. The open sides of the villa are linked and coordinated with each other to increase the aesthetic beauty.

A Detached House with unique design - Source: Google.com

Detached House design owns many open sides to create an airy and comfortable living space. The villa is surrounded by green miniatures to create fresh air, in harmony with nature. Normally, the moving area is located close to the living room and the back door area of ​​the house. The living space is close to nature and the open trend creates flexibility in the family's nest.

  • Affirm the level of the owner

Massive single-family villa architecture 1-3 floors, high construction costs create a luxurious space. When building a villa, it helps to improve the quality of life and affirm the financial potential and success of the owner. Design villas with distinctive and exclusive elements to enhance their status and class in society.

  • Impressive architectural style

The beautiful 1-family villa model uses a variety of architectural styles such as classical, neoclassical and modern. Therefore, based on the owner's preferences and investment budget to create the perfect project. When orienting the design style of a single villa, the color and furniture in the room will dominate.

For example, classical architecture stands out with its lavish and magnificent beauty on each line, combining delicate yellow - white tones. The pavilion is only dense in the pillar section with bold royal and aristocratic trends. Neoclassical architecture is the interference between classical and modern design to create a luxurious and comfortable living space.

Paint colors in modern villa architecture are not fixed in one color gamut. The color of the modern 1-family villa is a break with color accents. The interior of the villa is oriented towards neatness to bring a comfortable and convenient living space.

  • Separate space

Detached houses are designed on large, airy plots of land and will combine with low population density and distance from each other. Therefore, this type of house will give homeowners and family members a feeling of comfort and privacy.
In addition, houses with isolated design also have spacious and airy designs from the outside space to the interior area of ​​the house. Therefore, this is the right type of house for homeowners who love flexibility or have a style of being in harmony with nature.

  • High level of safety

Detached houses often have a fence around them to help family members feel secure. In addition, with the surrounding fence, it will also bring high aesthetics to the housing design.


Compare Detached House and Semi-detached House

Detached House is also divided into many forms, one of which, the most prominent, is Semi-detached House. There are a few things that differ between these two types of houses, which can be followed as:

- Semi-detached house is the concept of a duplex house. This is a term for houses and villas designed in the style of duplex villas, with 3 garden sides and 1 common wall. These houses have their own entrance, symmetrical design.

- Semi-detached house differs from Detached house in design. It is a Semi-detached house that shares at least one wall with another structure. Semi - detached house is known as an extremely modern house design inspired by the shape of the construction area of ​​Detached House to create. The structure of this villa is quite special, it must be symmetrical with the neighboring villa, harmonious in color and decorative lines.

A Beautiful Semi-detached House - Source: Google.com

- Semi-detached house owns 3 open sides, built on a small area and takes advantage of space. The other sides are wide enough to bring a balanced and harmonious overall architecture. The architecture of Semi-detached house Semi-detached house is quite unique, looking similar to the design of the house next door, bringing perfect symmetry and high aesthetics.

Aboves are an article about general information about Detached House, including, analyzing what detached house is, aspects of features, advantages of Detached House and comparing it with Semi-detached House. To learn more about other popular house models, visit here: 8 Most Common Types Of Houses

 The Outstanding Feature of Detached House

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