July 20, 2022

What Is Farmhouse Style?


What is farmhouse design?

The concept of Farmhouse style originated in late 16th and early 17th century Europe. It then quickly spread to America, where the style flourished. The original Farmhouse style house design is not an option to design a house, but simply a creation from the needs of reality.

The original purpose was just a place to live and work for farmers, so building materials are easy to find in rural areas. The furniture in the house is mainly handmade, all very simple, rustic and comfortable for daily living.

Depending on different countries, this farmhouse style will have its own identity and characteristics. If the British people wish to express their love for nature, flowers, plants through decorative picture frames in the house. The Farmhouse style in France, they will immediately think of a space full of flowers with furniture made of rustic wood, simple but extremely elegant and attractive.

Outstanding features of Farmhouse style house design

Natural wood material

The large wooden panels that still retain the color from the natural rough are the most prominent feature of the Farmhouse style. A dark wood color combined with a light wall color brings contrast and highlights to the house. The space is expanded to the outside to receive the maximum amount of light entering the room.


In Farmhouse style house design, light colors such as white, gray, beige or pastel colors are the most commonly used colors, because it brings a feeling of relaxation, lightness and freshness.

Fabric textures

Fabrics and patterns on small furniture such as bed sheets, curtains or carpets in the house also contribute significantly to Farmhouse-style house design. Raw fabrics, linen fabrics with floral motifs are preferred to create a feeling of comfort and closeness to nature around the house. In addition, the old, classic patterns and motifs also create a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity.

How to decorate farmhouse style according to each space?

Kitchen - Farmhouse style highlight

The original origin of the Farmhouse style is the place to serve daily activities on the farm. So the kitchen is the heart of a house with this style. From sinks to faucets and kitchen cabinets, all are exquisitely decorated and carved with patterns. At the same time, the kitchen often has a window facing the garden and arranges a lot of potted plants and flowers at the window to create a feeling of relaxation, peace and closeness to nature.

Living room

The living room is the place to receive guests, if the living room space brings a feeling of closeness and friendliness, then you have succeeded in designing a farmhouse style house.

In the center of the living room, you can design a fireplace in a classic European style, that will help add warmth. Besides, you can also arrange more trees to suit, but still have to ensure harmony for the common space.


Design a metal bed, which can be accompanied by other items such as a rocking chair or a picture of nature or trees. Around the bedroom, you can decorate with Vintage or Bohemian patterns. This will help you create a unique look for your own room.

Guide to choosing furniture and accessories

Large wooden table

Normally, the wood surface of the table will leave the rough spots and have not been painted with a smooth wax color to retain the inherent natural features of the wood.

Wood in the design of Farmhouse style houses as a basic feature and is difficult to see in other design styles. Mainly will use large wooden panels, pine or other types of wood with a bold color to combine with the white walls.

In addition, you can cover more cloth on the tabletop to create soft lines for the house. As mentioned above, some fabrics can be combined: canvas, chenille, cotton or wool,... Thanks to these fabrics, they bring a lighter, more peaceful feeling to the air. living time.

Wooden bench or stool

Metal chairs are not popular in this style. Which are mainly benches or stools made of wood. The chairs, like the tables, are kept the original roughness to create a natural look. Above the chair, there are more colorful pillows to create accents for the chair.

Vertical wooden cabinet

An old standing cabinet used to store important items has been arranged reasonably in the room. It will bring a very friendly, rustic space.

Use potted plants and vases

You can make use of and arrange potted plants or vases everywhere in the house, from the living room, bedroom to the kitchen. That will make us feel like we are in harmony with the outside environment.

Another pretty new farmhouse design is that you can arrange your branches or dried flowers into a ring. Then hang it on doors or walls.

Classic round mirror

You can fully take advantage of oval or rectangular mirrors to hang on the wall. Even large mirrors are surrounded by wood, which can be placed against a wall or on a shelf.

Classic farmhouse style combined with modern farmhouse style

Modern farmhouse style is gradually becoming popular and there are quite a few different variations. Despite its versatility, Modern Farmhouse Style retains the core of a casual and inviting space.

The color that can be found in most modern farmhouse style homes is white. This color palette will easily brighten up the whole space. Especially when combined with other modern architectural materials such as stone or stainless steel, it will create delicate lines of space with modern farmhouse style.

Notes for designing in the style of farmhouse 

Do not choose colors that are too prominent

The furniture of the farmhouse design style is known for its rustic, casual look. You need to avoid bright colors to avoid affecting the house. You can use your favorite color tones to create accents. However, it is necessary to make sure to harmonize with the overall white and gray colors of the common space

Should choose furniture bold "time"

The unique feature of the farmhouse design style is to show people the history of the house. You can find furniture at thrift stores. This will help you save costs and create a feeling of nostalgia

Mixing different styles together can affect the layout of the house

You can mix similar styles with farmhouse style, here it can be Rustic style, Country style but should not overdo it because it will affect the original rustic

Don't use too many decorations

Placing too many decorations will make the room cluttered, so don't try to design it too fussy. Keep the natural details that will make the space warmer

This style may not be suitable for those aiming for a formal lifestyle

It is easy to see that the farmhouse style is suitable for those who love a simple, rustic lifestyle, close to nature. Home gives you a sense of peace

Additionally, if you want a more formal look, this design might not be able to fully satisfy your expectations because your home already contains vintage furniture such as complete tables and chairs. But it doesn't get digested that much.

Above is an overview article about Farmhouse Style, to learn more about other popular house models, visit here: 8 Most Common Types Of Houses

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