September 29, 2022

Where Is The Best International School In Da Nang?


In order for their children to acquire a thorough education and advance their foreign language abilities, parents today always want them to attend international schools. The next post will list the international schools in Da Nang for 2022 whether you live in Da Nang or the central provinces.

  • 1. UK Academy International Bilingual School - UKA

UK Academy international bilingual school in Da Nang is is a part of the Nguyen Hoang Education Group and has more than 20 years of experience working in the field of education, from kindergarten to postgraduate study. UKA Ha Long, UKA Hue, UKA Da Nang, UKA at IEC Quang Ngai, UKA Gia Lai, UKA Ba Ria, and UKA Binh Thanh are the seven campuses that make up the UK Academy International Bilingual School System now operating throughout the nation.

UK Academy Danang campus - Source:

UK Academy Danang offers pupils a foundation for all-round development, from academics, skills, to physical and intellectual growth, via a mix of 9 chapters of course work, with HUMANITY as its educational philosophy:

- Program of Life Values ​​– Life Skills

- Cambridge International English Program

- Program of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam

- LCM . Music Program

- JA Young Entrepreneurs Program

- STEM Robotics Program

- Optimal Physical Development Program

- Extracurricular Programs

- American Baccalaureate Program.

All of the teaching and administrative personnel at UK Academy Danang are well-known national and worldwide authorities with advanced degrees, a passion for teaching, and a wealth of classroom experience. Teachers receive frequent training from reputable educational institutions both domestically and abroad to expand their expertise and learn how to use a variety of engaging and interactive teaching techniques with their pupils. Street.

In order to meet international standards, UK Academy Danang School has made investments in working areas, multipurpose gymnasiums, classrooms, libraries, swimming pools, cafeterias, orientation rooms, quiet rooms, etc. The majority of the school's facilities are large and have an open, contemporary, and liberal style. In order to foster a sense of intimacy and comfort for both staff and students while working and studying here.

Main Info:

- Address: K1/2B Ton That Dam, Xuan Ha Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang

- Tuition fee: from 130 million/year

- Website:  

- Hotline:  0896 466 988 VND

  • 2. Singapore International School (SIS)

Da Nang is one of several significant cities and provinces where Singapore International School, popularly known as SIS, is located in Vietnam. The school provides kids with the most comprehensive development possible via the use of up-to-date, pleasant facilities, instructional resources, and, in particular, the Sing Viet learning curriculum.

Singapore International School Da Nang campus - Source:

All levels, from elementary school to pre-university, are trained at Singapore International School Danang using curricula that adhere to international standards.

To give children a multifaceted view of many cultures, the school combines the Vietnamese education curriculum with Singapore's international standard program. English, the arts, social and environmental sciences, physical education, and information technology are considered core disciplines. Students have the chance to take part in intense lessons to advance their language abilities in addition to the regular sessions, which are particularly focused on the English topic.

The SIS in Da Nang is sure that it will provide students a complete educational platform with a harmonic mix thanks to its many years of expertise in the area of education and the launching of other campuses around Vietnam. Eastern and Western educational principles are in accord. To find out more about this school, visit the website or call the SIS hotline.


You must pay a separate tuition charge to enroll in intensive English sessions (this fee is more expensive than the tuition fee for cultural studies).

Students are transported home by the school. There is a fee for this service.

Additional fees, food, housing costs, and other expenditures are not included in the tuition costs mentioned above.

Main Info

- Address: Phu My An New Urban Area

- Tuition fee: from 19-35 million VND/year

- Website: 

  • 3. American Pacific University (APU)

APU stands for American Pacific University, which offers education at all levels, from elementary school through graduate school, in addition to being a university. English is the language that is studied the most at APU. Students must thus pass an English language proficiency exam before being accepted. Students who don't reach the benchmarks will be allowed to take supplemental classes to sharpen their abilities.

APU American International School Da Nang campus - Source:

The standard curriculum approved by the US Department of Education and used in most US states is taught at APU Danang International School with 100% of the tuition made in accordance with that standard. Students will have the chance to experience education with tools and cutting-edge technology thanks to the contemporary facilities, which include a comprehensive variety of function spaces like: music rooms, laboratories, art rooms, computer rooms, etc.

APU also offers "university bridge" programs that enable students to take advantage of the chance to study abroad while also obtaining credit from esteemed US colleges and cutting down on the amount of time required to do so. a two-year maximum study time.

APU's tuition costs are unquestionably "awful,” but it does not change the fact that this university offers top-notch education. More than 90% of APU graduates earn scholarships to attend prominent US institutions directly; this is an extremely high percentage that is entirely deserving for parents and students.


Before being admitted, applicants must pass an English entrance exam.

The cost of tuition is high.

Main Info

- Address : 299 Tran Dai Nghia, Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city

- Tuition fee: from 134,000,000 VND/year

- Website: 

  • 4. Skyline International School Da Nang (Skyline)

Skyline The Skyline educational system includes Danang International School. This is the first educational model to offer inter-level training programs that are of an international grade in Da Nang and the Central - Central Highlands area, creating a cutting-edge and productive "real-world" learning environment. for the pupils' overall growth.

Skyline School campus - Source:

The organizational structure at Danang Skyline International School is rigid and thorough, allowing all levels of leadership to closely examine each employee and choose the best course of action.

Since instructors play a crucial role in education, Skyline places a strong emphasis on assembling a team of qualified employees, educators, and trainers with complete practice certifications, as well as a focus on their enthusiasm and interpersonal skills while working with pupils. The training courses offered by Sky Line are condensed and direct. Time is saved, and the recipient finds it to be a lot simpler as well.


Students can choose between a bilingual or a single language program.

The school has a strict uniform policy.

Main Info

- Address:

Lot A2.4 Tran Dang Ninh Street, Hai Chau District, City. Danang

Sky-Line Central: No. 48 Nguyen Du, Hai Chau District, City. Danang

- Tuition: from 37 million to 79 million VND/year

- Website: 

  • 5. St. Nicholas International School Da Nang (NIS)

A third-century BC Catholic monk by the name of Nicolas is known. The administration of the school, which they have named Nicolas, aims to provide a place where kids may live out their dreams while still upholding the highest principles of the neighborhood. The school is run in accordance with the American model of inter-level education, using the most cutting-edge teaching techniques to provide children a strong foundation in knowledge before they enter the world of high schools and universities in industrialized nations.

St.Nicholas International School enrollment day - Source:

From preschool to high school, St. Nicholas International School Da Nang provides instruction at all levels. Particularly at the high school level, the curriculum is multifaceted.

In addition to cultural courses, students will be able to enroll in more optional classes based on their own interests, which will help them progressively choose their ideal career or area of study for the future. When planning a variety of fun events for students including summer camps, concerts, art contests, etc., St. Nicholas International School Danang also gives significant attention to spiritual life and group activities.

Two eighth-grade students have just received two 4-year full scholarships from St. Nicholas International School Da Nang, each valued 3.6 billion VND. As long as students put forth the effort to study, the school will undoubtedly notice and reward them. suitable recompense. This is unquestionably a fantastic motivator for kids who are enrolled in or wish to enroll in St. Nicholas International School Danang.


Tuition is quite high.

Students, teachers, and all school staff will have lunch at school.

Main Info

- Address: 458 Nguyen Huu Tho, Cam Le district, Da Nang city.

- Tuition fee: from 300,000,000 VND/year

- Website:

  • 6. Dana Bilingual International School (DBIS)

Da Nang DBIS bilingual primary school offers just one level of education, which is primary school, in contrast to the five schools stated above, which are inter-level schools. The leadership has the chance to concentrate on quality development while also paying special attention to each person.

Studying at Dana Bilingual International School - Source:

The Da Nang DBIS Bilingual Primary School satisfies the three requirements of having excellent instructors, a challenging curriculum, and up-to-date facilities. A group of foreign education specialists and the top native instructors make up the DBIS teaching staff.

In addition, there is a group of qualified teaching assistants who are carefully chosen from each of the two major cities of Saigon and Hanoi. The British Ministry of Education's main curriculum serves as the foundation for the instruction's subject matter. In particular, the country's curriculum is centered around the three topics of Vietnamese, math, and IPC. Using this aspect instead of just one technique encourages the baby's multifaceted growth.


DBIS has 6 golden rules that students always want to follow.

Parents can choose the menu for their child during school lunch.

Main Info:

- Address: 16 Ly Thuong Kiet, Da Nang city.

- Tuition fee: about 35,000,000 VND/year

- Website: 

  • 7. Vietnam Japan Inter-school system

The Vietnam-Japan Inter-school system  applies the optimal training program: with a study and activity time of 2 sessions/day. Viet Nhat designed the training program based on the knowledge and skills standards of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam.

Viet Nhat International School - Source:

In addition, the school also focuses on basic subjects, giftedness, life skills and physical education. Dynamic and creative learning environment with many cultural activities, arts, sports, picnics and international exchanges.

- Active teaching methods to promote positivity and self-discipline in children

- Encourages creativity and logical thinking

- Teaching and learning associated with practical experience

The system of facilities and equipment meets international standards, ensuring the best learning and playing environment for the children. Classrooms have an area and teaching equipment of high quality standards, serving from 25 to 30 students. For the high school grade, the school has separate chemistry, biology, and physics laboratories and separate music and computer art classrooms.

In addition, this Da Nang international school also has a library on the 1st floor to help students develop the habit of reading to improve knowledge and arouse aesthetic feelings. At the same time, enhance students' self-discovery and self-study ability. At the same time, the school also invests in a sports field, an outdoor football field and a multi-purpose gym to help students practice intensive sports.


- Students must learn two foreign languages, English and Japanese.

- The school has a tuition fee waiver program for students with good achievements.

Main Info:

- Address: 2A Nguyen Quy Duc, Khue Trung, Cam Le, Da Nang

- Hotline: (0236) 3889,916 – 3889,598 VND

- Website: – 

Hopefully the list of Da Nang international schools will help you somewhat choose a suitable school for your child. 

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