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    “Hữu Lực (Louis) from Modoho is my agent, he was very friendly and professional. Although the customer is very fastidious but he always give his best support, i feel very happy for that. And also someone i would like to thank a lot. that is Thương (Victoria), she is always ready for my question and Answer whenever she can. Thank a lot Thương and Lực for help. Very good service and nice staff! Suggest this company”

    facebook Cô Ba Béoo

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    “Really professionnal people. Alex was fully involved in the research and did her best to help us to find our perfect new place ! she took her time to make us visit different district in town and always with a good energy and the smile... thanks a lot for that !! highly recommanded !!”

    facebook Arnaud Wuillaume

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    “Duc Tin has been absolutely amazing from start to finished, finding the apartment of our dreams! Professional and full support from start to finish. Thank you so much!”

    facebook Selena Danson

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    “Thomas is very supportive and professional. He always focus listening and finding solutions. Highly recommend agent to cooperate with him, especially foreign agents.”

    facebook Anh thi Trần

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    facebook Pramod Mohan

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