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Serviced Apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh city AKA Sai Gon is considered the most cutting-edge economic and financial spot of Viet Nam. It is probably said that it is the one of ideal destination for  who desires to seek great opportunities and enhance their own soft skill and even find the different living environment.

District 1

Sai Gon has a giant acreage with countless districts but District 1 can be seen “top-of-mind” of most people. Obviously, It has a lot of noticeable reasons to make District 1 becoming the most attractive place to visit or even to stay here for a long term.


Firstly, District 1 is the central urban district of HCM City, the busiest district in the city with the highest living standards. It is definitely the financial centre of Saigon and Vietnam with an eclectic mix of companies, firms even local or multi-international ones.

In addition, all of the consulates, foreign embassy offices or governmental offices from other countries choose to locate here. Visitors can reach these offices within walking distances or 5 to 10 minutes drive if they would like to do their visas, passports or temporary immigration documents. It is obvious that District 1 is fulfilled with both geographical and economic advantages for expats.


Immaculate Conception Cathedral Basilica


It goes without saying that it concentrates lots of recreational activities such as shopping malls, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, etc. That is the reason why District 1 is also regarded as a “sleepless district” where a great deal of entertainment keeps you awake all night. District 1 also known as the best spot for shopping in Vietnam with a high concentration of shopping centres and luxury brands.


Bitexco Financial Tower


Foreigners from all over the world can be found here - so the chance of making a new expat friends are likely to be higher than other districts. Pham Ngu Lao street is touted as a Western road where there are a lot of Western-styled restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other services for foreigners. Thanks to the high density of foreigners, there are more citizens in District 1 who can communicate in English than in other districts

District 2

It is said that District 2 is considered a rookie in the real estate industry but this rookie is increasingly being sought by foreign customers, especially in the high-end segment. Obviously, it has a lot of potential with a natural, favorable and harmonious location in Saigon, located in a new urban area with many commercial centers as well as schools, a convenient location for moving to the central districts. mind like District 1, District 3, Binh Thanh District for expats who desires to be immerse in airy environment

The similar features between D1 and D2 are both having numerous companies and buildings or even skyscrapers. Additionally, it contains a lot of shopping center, international school, parks and so on. However, it has its own signature ones that no where can have.


Kim Cuong Island


District 2 is still in the development phase. In Thao Dien area, many people will be overwhelmed by the idea that they have just taken a plane to the West with many state-of-the-art apartments and similar villas such as casting close together forming one isolated life. But when going inside, the scene of the construction site will be easier to find than the bustling shops.


District 2 is also very few vehicles, people mostly walk because they can find everything they need at a fairly close distance. This is the district that many foreigners choose to live in, so it is likely that Vietnamese people will find themselves foreigner, not them. But this is what makes the difference that no other district has.

Binh Thanh District

By chance, it is located in the mid of D1 and D2 so there is no surprise that Binh Thanh District has some similar features with District 1 and District 2. It is also considered as an ideal living place for expats with some significant real estate project such as Vinhomes Central Park, Sai Gon Pearl and so on.


Besides, it has a lot of high-quality schools, colleges and universities such as FTU, Hong Bang International University. Binh Thanh District can be seen as “the food paradise” with numerous dishes from street food to fancy food in the fabulous restaurant.


Vinhomes Central Park


It goes without saying that a lot of Vietnamese celebrities live there because it has a range of eco-friendly apartment with trees and even park and additionally pet-friendly one which suits to the most pet-lover.


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