Thu Thiem 2 Bridge Officially Connects The Two Banks, Which Brings Potential To The Real Estate Market In The Region

Thu Thiem - The aspiration of Pudong (1)_12.jpg

Real Estate Market In Raffles Place In The Past And Now

Differentiate The Symptoms Of COVID-19 Infection, Colds, Allergies And Seasonal Flu

Ultra-luxurious Apartment At More Than 400 Million VND per m2 Unveiled





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30 Best Small Apartment Design Ideas Ever

To create wholly functional and welcoming home in such a restricted space arrangement is a significant challenge that requires a bold and brave way of thinking outside the box

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February 14, 2020

Download Vietnam Real Estate Investment Guide For Foreign Investors Document

This document deliver accurate, legal information that you should aware to protect your rights and simplify your work. Supported data regarding taxation, certificate or housing policies are all mentioned to strengthen your home ownership. Moreover, the property transaction is definitely effortless when you have a thorough knowledge of particular procedures and processes that approved by the Governmentết kế không tên (15)_87.jpg


February 27, 2020

Compare The Rental Cost of Big Projects in HCMC

This article updates the accurate information about each project in District 2, Binh Thanh District, District 4 that including utilities that projects provide to serve the individual needs of customers. Especially, focusing is on the habits in the lives of foreign guests to sift out these apartments that meet are eligible to respond to the needs of customers.ết kế không tên (7)_28.jpg


September 10, 2020

How to help real estate overcome the Covid-19 pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing large-scale disruption in every sector, including real estate - one of the most important field. Transaction volume fell sharply in April and May which lead the constructing plan of many projects delayed, respectively - CafeLand. Investment Group For Startup & Foreign Investors, Funds_26.jpg


June 19, 2022

Top Vietnam Investment Groups For Startup & Foreign Investors, Funds

Encouraging Vietnam Business By Early Investment

Vietnam Investment Group (VIG) can be understood as a private equity firm that focuses on large-scale businesses in Vietnam. Vietnam Investment Group (VIG) provides a lot of early-stage and expansion capital to industry-leading companies and works with their management team to grow market share and margins and improve operations, thus creating shareholder value.

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