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    “when I came here(HCMC) I didn’t know anything. But I should find my home asap. At that time I find website “Modoho” and they help me a lot. Not enough “a lot” they, especially “Victoria” my friend. She always helped with passion. All my family are very thankful to her.”

    facebook Eugeun Kim

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    “Responsible Staff and care about Customers”

    facebook Beh Heng Long

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    “My husband and I moved to Ho Chi Minh City and worked with Louis to find a perfect new home. I cannot recommend or compliment him enough. Louis has made the process of living here so easy and has been willing to support us in any way he can. Before moving here, Louis found us a beautiful apartment and arranged everything we needed over text, which meant that we arrived in a new city and already had our perfect home sorted. If we need anything, he responds immediately and goes out of his way to help. If you're looking for your perfect home, get in touch with Louis!”

    facebook Ashleigh Wilson

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    “Julie, who was my agent, is very supportive and friendly. Thanks to her help, I could get a lovely house. I was lucky to meet her”

    facebook Haeeun Woo

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    “Linh was very supportive and clearly understood the requirements we had for the apartment, thus all the options she presented were relevant for us to review. We started out looking at another apartment block, but realized that Linh had a much better idea and we are very happy with the apartment we ended up renting, very professional thank you Linh!”

    facebook Thomas Bindzus

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