Compare The Rental Cost of Big Projects in HCMC


February 27, 2020

  • Certainly, all customers expect to receive accurate information about prices, quality, benefits of things and whatever related to the topic that they concern. However, many showrooms or sense that nor strive to fulfil their confusion which leads people hesitant.

    In particular, the real estate field is even more essential that purchasers expect to be treated conscientiously by being provided necessary information before deciding. Understand that sensitivity, MODOHO has research carefully all data to satisfy our client’s needs. In details, be aware of the specific apartment’s price to compare with the market, it helps the customer avoid broker trap, losing money or over price.


    The road has many famous real estates in Saigon


    The numerical data below the rental cost exactly in the two outstanding locations known as District 2, Binh Thanh District and District 4 along with its unique property products. Surely, some domestic and foreign citizens in Vietnam how valuable those condominiums bring human life to a new level.


    Projects in District 2


    The domain of MODOHO service is to assist foreigners to find their dream houses by creating a friendly platform to makes thing effortlessly. Because we are mainly focusing on renting service for ex-pats and District 2 area in Saigon has been well-known as the place where almost foreigners stay in. From that point, many property investors decided to build this land to a “golden land” to develop the surrounding region. We have witnessed the urbanizing process therefrom nothing to some freshly superlative buildings. Besides that, there are some promising projects are estimated that completely finished this year with larger scale and capital investment.


    The Saigon Bridge - the connection between District 2 and others


    In general, real estate price in District 2 will range from 500$ to 7000$ with an average minimum area of 45 that literally affordable for all classes of customer. Almost buildings are well-equipped with a swimming pool, tennis course, gym, the citizen’s needs, thus, the architectural style is inspired by high-rise buildings in developed countries. We can see the BBQ area is set up next to the pool on the rooftop to easily zoom out, Landmark 81 or Bitexco tower, isn’t it exciting?!

    Moreover, developers are very thoughtful when placing those buildings in a modern urban area full of amenities such as playgrounds, hospitals, supermarket, cinemas, shopping , etc. Can we expect more than that? Last but not least, to fulfil people meaningful life, real estate mostly has pet permission and pet care service to respond to any requirements if needed. Except for The Sun Avenue and New City, you will comfortably bring your pet in the entire options.


    Projects in Binh Thanh District


    Binh Thanh District rates the second position which proud of to be the statue of Vietnam by Landmark 81. Although fewer projects to compare with District 2, but the quality of each could not be underestimated. The rental cost here is approximately 800$ for the lowest and around +3000$ for the highest options for all apartments with the acreage at least 50 .

    Vinhomes Central Park has attracted uncountable tourist and residents by its largest scale in Saigon and surrounding by plenty of comfort service for a major brand. If you are raising your children in Vinhomes, there will be the best living environment reached international standard. For instance, they have Vinschool for education, Vinmart for daily necessities, Vinmec for healthcare, Vinsmart and Vinfast for the high technology and transportation. Vingroup confirms to take care of your life and you are beloved with full responsibility. 


    Landmark 81 - the symbol of Vietnam


    Other projects also meet the standard of perfect living space, it is effortlessly to move to District 1, District 3 or Go Vap District. Especially, you will find it easy to integrate and experience the locals’ life with the Vietnamese cuisine (one of the world’s best food). It could say that the living cost is not as high as District 2 but still maintain security zone. However, there are only two projects have pet allowance are City Garden and Saigon Pearl. Hence, before deciding to move in, you may need to check or negotiate with the landlord to assure your rights.


    Projects in District 4


    If you want to stay out of the town, District 4 got you by worthy choices. It has free service in any buildings for you to self-care of health, food and beverage and entertainment. Placing nearby Nha Rong Habour, District 4 is heaven for social activities and easy to go to District 7 – a region for wealthy people. It is located in a quiet area but no less comfortable due to big restaurants, cafeterias and the riverside scene. In spite of fewer projects than the former projects, real estate in District 4 have a lower average price for you to rent or buy a house. No worries if your budget is slightly tight, the maximum cost is less than 1000$ per condo, totally worth to try once. If you are pet lovers, awesome, you have the right to bring them in every building because of the spacious residential. It cannot deny that developers created this place intentionally for people who love animals.


    District 4 is in a period of rapid development


    Ultimately, along with utilities and convenient, you are allowed to spend your lifetime in the top place to live in Saigon without fear and difficulties. Make sure to read the file below because what we working for is to bring you a peaceful life.


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    Compare The Rental Cost of Big Projects in HCMC




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