How to find apartments for rent?

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November 16, 2016

  • If you have ever wondered how to find apartments for rent then this post is your answer. To find an apartment which is clean, safe with a reasonable price is kind of impossible for all of us, actually requires you several steps to check before a final decision.


    1.         Know your budget
    You need cos consider how much you can spend on an apartment before thinking of what kind of apartment you want. It has to be after you calculate your usual income and subtracts the cost of living (for examples, food, hanging out, shopping, clothes, savings…) and typical sectors you usually spend money on. You can know what’s left for your apartment’s rent.
    2.         Know your priorities
    You should choose 3 absolute priorities for your future apartment – not too many but not anything. You should ask yourself what is the most important criteria of an apartment to you.
    3.         Narrow down to a specific location, which is how to find apartments for rent
    The location is the most important thing which affects your whole life whenever you want to move. The price, convenience of your commute and safety are what you should know about the location. You should always investigate a neighborhood before deciding to rent an apartment there.


    4.         Looking up online
    It includes making threads on online social networks and related forums; visiting renting websites or review websites; visiting Craiglist; asking for personal comments from your friends and families; posting wanted ads on the internet; checking local newspaper websites; doing a deep online search for the apartment you want in the investigated neighborhood. In conclusion, do as much as you can when looking up online for information about the neighborhood and how to find apartments for rent in such neighborhood. The result may not appear at first, it may come to true after a really long time so don’t hesitate to find apartments for rent online immediately. If you plan to move, make the plan at least a month before ending your current renting contract with your landlord. You should spend some serious time online for correct information, clear reviews and comments, opinions from your close friends and family.
    An apartment for rent online should have clear photos, detail information (apartment, landlord, neighborhood, current condition and other issues). The price may be public but most of situations you have to negotiate directly with the landlord. Currently, best website to find apartments for rent is This is one of websites to find apartments for rent, which is most people use in Viet Nam.


    5.         Investiage in the reality, which is also how to find apartments for rent
    And even after a long search on the internet, you still have to set foot in the apartment to know what it’s like. You should look up for every inch of the apartment if you can, ask the landlord about basic conditions such as water pump, power lines, living prices (water, power, internet connection, toilet, garbage…). Try to feel the atmosphere of the apartment and how it’s like to live there. You also have to consider about transportation and car parks/ garage if you own a car. After all, you can negotiate about the price with the landlord.

    Where can i find apartments for rent online ?
    Where can i find apartments for rent ?

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