December 25, 2017

Reasons for renting an apartment instead of buying one

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Owning a home can be beneficial to many people, but sometimes renting options night be better. Here are some of the reasons why choosing a tenancy is financially advantageous compared to owning a home.

No maintenance or repair costs

Typically, in a rental contract, if the electrical system has a problem or the plumbing system of your home is leaking, you are not responsible for any repair. The landlord will be responsible for all repairs and maintenance.
Depending on the level of repair, this cost can be quite large. Therefore, tenants have the advantage over landlords that they do not have to pay any maintenance or repair bills that arise if that is not their fault.
These costs are paid by the landlord for the maintenance of the house, ensuring that the occupants are comfortable during their tenancy. If the tenant is responsible for the maintenance of the home during the lease term, the tenant will have the advantage of negotiating the rent with the landlord. This is important for tenants to negotiate a good rental rate.

Don’t have to pay property taxes

Obviously, the tenant, you will not be subject to this tax, which the owner is responsible for. Property tax is determined based on the value of the property, depending on the province, district, which have different tax rates. With high value real estate, this tax is not small. With the current heavy and complex law system, it's hard for tenant espeacially expat to own an apartment

Avoid high initial costs

In real estate today, if you want to own a house, you have to make a down payment of 30 to 50% of the value of the house, the remaining amount can be acquired by bank loan with mortgage of the house itself.
Interest-free loan is widely offered by investors, but the initial cost that buyers have to pay is about 30% of the value of the apartment.
In comparison between buying and renting, of course, the initial financial burden for renting will be greatly reduced. You only have to pay a deposit of 1 or 2 months.

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The fluctuation in property values ​​does not significantly affect rents

The housing market fluctuates that many investors are worried because the value of real estate that they own will be affected. If there is a real estate bubble burst in the future, it will be a big shock for the owners, the price of real estate will drop sharply, the market will almost freeze, so the owner also as investors are stuck.
In contrast, tenants do not need to pay attention to these things, if not to say they may be happier because the price of real estate on the market reduces the price of rental housing.


When you have a lot of work to do, there is nothing better than renting a house or apartment for yourself and your family. When you want to live in another place, you just need to rent a new house. If you own a home, you will have to worry about the house market price or you can change to location as easy as renting.

Access to good facilities without worrying about the investment budget

If you rent a apartment, you can enjoy good utilities without having to pay for the construction and equipment. Your job is to find the right property for you at a reasonable price that fits your budget. However, you don't really need to find it your self, at MODOHO, our helpful agents can help you to find exactly what you need.

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