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The River Thu Thiem project, which will be distributed on Thu Thiem, represents a completely new idea of collaboration between CII and REFICO. This project has passed the expert assessment of renowned real estate specialists about the viability of an investment at the start of 2020. This document is the best advice for our customer who wants to invest in real estate in District 2. This is a project built in the multi-functional residential area No. 3 of Thu Thiem urban area.

The River Thu Thiem Overview

The project would have given the market 1140 apartments with plans ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms and a variety of forms, including Duplex/Penthouse and Shophouse, when it is finished and placed into use in 2021. The River Thu Thiem apartment features a contemporary design and is furnished with elegant pieces from well-known international companies, giving a high-class lifestyle to all residents. Additionally, the high-class transportation infrastructure system contributes to confirming the authenticity of the living environment


Project InvestorREFICO & CII
Location Lot 3-15 & Lot 3-16, Thu Thiem, District 2
General Construction Units

Design Company: DP Architect (Singapore)

Structural Consultant: Arup Group (UK)

Electromechanical Maintenance: Aurecon (Australia)

Interior Consultant: The ID Dept. PTE LTD

Scale1140 Units including 3 blocks (River Seine, River Thames, River Hudson
Total Land Area3,5 ha
Type of ApartmentLuxurious apartments, Shophouses, Villas, Pool Villas


The Saigon river frontage, which can be found near the intersection of Nguyen Co Thach and Vong Cung Boulevard, is a part of Thu Thiem urban area. To get to the heart of District 1 or Binh Thanh District from here is simple.


The River Thu Thiem project has a site that is directly on the North-South axis of the Thu Thiem new urban area's arc boulevard. The Saigon River and canal No. 1 Thu Thiem surround this place, which is in the heart of the urban area. As a result, the project's location is seen as having better feng shui and being more ideal. constructing a green, tranquil, and harmonious living place from there.

The River Thu Thiem Location

This position allows The River Thu Thiem residential complex in District 2 to easily connect the neighborhood to other areas and the city center. The project includes a new, green living space nearby because it is situated near the Saigon River.


Customers may observe the city in its entirety from the project's location, unhindered by other high-rise buildings, on a daily basis. And there is a fresh green living area with plants and the outdoors.

- Traveling to the Binh Thanh District in 3 minutes

- Five minutes to District 1, seven minutes to District 4, and ten minutes to District seven


Education: Renaissance International School Saigon, Wellspring Bilingual School, International School HCMC, International School Saigon Pearl, etc.

Entertainment and shopping: Socar Mall, Takashimaya Vietnam, VinMart Sala, AKURUHI Supermarket, Sala Stadium, etc.

Restaurant: Poke Saigon, PJ's Coffee - Sala Store, Pasteur Street Brewing Co., Elisa Floating Restaurant, Empire City 86,...

Medical: Saigon General Hospital, Medical Clinic, Vinmec International General Hospital, etc.

The River Thu Thiem Amenities


The River Thu Thiem provides its customers with a wide range of amenities, facilities, and excellent services to ensure the highest possible living conditions:

Garden landscape
50 meters large size pool
Gym & Yoga
Resting place
Cabana hut
Karaoke room
Entertaining area
Kid’s playground
Billiard room
Water fountain
BBQ’s area

The River Thu Thiem Swimming Pool


When finished, the River Thu Thiem apartment will have a total land area of 15,378 m2, be built on the scale of three apartment buildings, and have a height of 18 storeys, offering the market just 525 luxurious flats.


The project's apartments come in a variety of styles with layouts ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms and 54 m2 to 300 m2. Customers may so freely select the kind for a lucrative investment and housing that best meets their demands and financial capability.


The project's size consists of 3 towers, each of which:

- The Seine Tower has twelve storeys.

- Thames and Hudson tower, 18 stories high

When the project is finished, clients will be able to choose among 525 goods, including flats, shophouses, and penthouse/duplexes. 501 flats plus 12 penthouses and 12 pool villas, among other things. There are just 9 to 16 flats per level in terms of residential density.


Apartments in the following categories are available to customers:

- One-bedroom apartment of 54–59 square meters;

- 77-82 m2 two-bedroom flat

- 107-180 m2 3-bedroom apartment

- Apartment with four bedrooms, about 250–300 m2.




When even the tiniest elements are thoughtfully refined in each smallest place, the River Thu Thiem residential project is a marvel of architecture and design. From then, it aids in maximizing the usable area, utilizing the pricey Saigon River view, green living natural scenery, and assisting in the creation of an authentically green existence for clients who are successful people and the elite.


Customers may freely pick from a number of places, including apartments with private pools, in The River project's apartments, depending on their preferences and available budget.


The open space with a green living area covered in green trees is the project's focal point. To provide softness and sustainability throughout time, to capture the best natural sunshine and wind, and to create beauty for each product, there is a specific wavy design in current style.


The investor has partnered with a number of well-known and renowned companies in the industry to assure the product's quality and to commit to delivering the apartment in accordance with the agreed-upon standards and timeline with consumers.


Every huge apartment with a view of the pristine Saigon River benefits from the back hatch's distinctive herringbone arrangement. When the flats are square and thoughtfully placed, the investor has given careful consideration to the feng shui element.


The towers' corridors are up to 2.1 meters wide and include little branches that turn into each unit, in contrast to other projects that are placed in a corridor. This makes privacy for every resident a priority, something that is rarely seen in any project.


A joint venture between the REFICO firm and CII is the project investor for The River Thu Thiem.


A well-known name in the high-end product category is REFICO. In HCMC and the surrounding areas, all completed projects are regarded as exemplary examples in terms of quality, completion, and operational management. Because of such pragmatic characteristics, many concur that buying REFICO implies purchasing real estate from a verified investor. As an alternative, REFICO has a wealth of expertise in creating opulent projects. As a result, this advantage undoubtedly benefits inhabitants of The River.


An infrastructure investment joint-stock company in HCMC is known by the initials CII. The River is a property asset owned by CII in Thu Thiem that has a build-transfer permission from the city following the development of Thu Thiem's transportation infrastructure. Prior to that, CII worked alone to construct Thu Thiem Lakeview on Nguyen Co Thach street. That one generated a large number of stunning shophouses that received positive reviews.


- The River apartment complex is situated in the Thu Thiem district, where there is a high potential for convenient regional connectivity due to the area's rapid growth and improved transportation infrastructure.

 - The project offers residences at a cost that is viewed as lower than that of other items in the same market and location.

 - Project items are highly valued for their quality, future potential for profit when owned by clients, and proximity to bustling urban regions.

 - The market in this area will be significantly impacted by the investment in the region's transportation infrastructure system, which is now in the construction stage and soon to be put into service.

 - The ideal loan mode to help consumers and investors is provided by the investor, who gives a flexible payment way that is broken up into multiple little progresses.

 - The market reputation and brand of the investor guarantees the product's quality, progress during building, and delivery date.

Ms. Grace Nguyen

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