July 03, 2020

7 changes of the real estate market in 10 years


1. Technology crept into life

Technology has changed the way the property market works spectacularly, recently, it is a must-have thing in real estate development, trading and transaction. We have moved from flip phone to smartphone and consequently, we all have the internet on hand. The little handy phone has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other, tourism, payment and shopping, etc.

Any real estate company that quickly acquire the innovative technology will win the market share

Similarly, the property has welcomed smart apartments, automatic managing application, Protech, Fintech is changing the concept of deals and payment among the real estate business in particular and in the financial market in general.

2. The explosion of integrated workplace

Harmonious working attitude boost the performance and the business outcomes

The office has been ranged per square meter for the purpose of work but in the current times, the human capital is the one that decides the office space. The office market is trying to adapt to the hotel service industry mindset. JLL record the huge number of enterprises from different fields examined the way they design, managing and investing in their workspace. It is not as simple as a place to work like before but not come along with ore services and utilities. Many buildings are developing their office designing style to retain their customers.

3. Retailing industry facing the fierce competition of e-commercial

Technology will shape the future economy in the world

The transformation of the traditional retailing store to online shopping has re-evaluated the rules of the retailing filed. The consumers tend to interested in multiple channels to buy stuff so that retailers have to be more flexible at all times. To continually occupies the market, they are now modifying the area and its operation. Small-sized stores that located in the key region have advantages in leasing venues in many trade centres and utility premises.

4. An important role in projects management

The amount of immigrants to the town is increasing constantly which lead the life in the city to become more expensive and the housing trend explosive. Instead of renting a house separately, as usual, a housing rental model that has professional management eventually favoured by the popularity. Last decade, there was no progression sign of studio apartments but it’s been changed when the demand for renting raises up and big corporations want to diversify commercial real estate investment.

A task can't be done without plans

5. The repercussion of the financial crisis

In 2010, the global financial crisis has been evaluated to reform the financial market and economic policies. Economic solutions such as reducing maximum interest rate have been deployed since 2009 and 2010 up to now. The crisis has negatively affected the currency policy in the past decade and makes it become more strange. Currently, no one would ever expect that negative interest rates have become commonplace in the European Central Bank.

The performance of the stock market widely affects other industries

6. Commercial real estate investment is more popular

When investors hunting for the great profit in the background of interest rate loss, the commercial real estate dominant the market. National investment and global pension funds have increased allocation of capital into this real estate line. The more transparent the more attractive to multiple capitals flows because of investors easier to keep an eye on their investment.

Commercial real estate sector is in the booming stage

7. A factory is an attractive asset

E-commercial market development stimulates the logistic, especially modern factories have high technology. The warehouse which is close to the centre is determined as an attractive asset. Corporations are now considering investing in intelligent automation warehouses to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for electronic consumers.

Industrial lands in Vietnam are always attracting international enterprises

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7 changes of the real estate market in 10 years

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