July 23, 2020

SonKim Land exposes their high-end project - The Metropole Thu Thiem has already had its valid Red Book


The Metropole Thu Thiem - the marvellous perspective

The Metropole Thu Thiem is a luxury commercial housing complex at the urban area in Thu Thiem has officially ratified the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) or the Red Book for all lands that belong to the residential housing construction. Moreover, phase 1 of the project has fully qualified to open for any selling transaction, thus, customers have nothing to worry about owning one of this elite accommodation. 

This project has the most favourable location in the Thu Thiem urban area and effortless to transport to District 1 - the centre of HCMC and the adjacent areas. The Metropole Thu Thiem inherited the initial trend of the society regarding culture, art, technology and entertainment, which create the superlative and prosperous living space of international standard for its residents. From now on, The Metropole starts to hand over houses to real estate investors. 

There are three lands from this project have entitled the eligible LURC by Ho Chi Minh Department of Natural Resources and Environment in December 31th, 2019 such as the Galleria Residence (Lot 1-16), The Crest Residence (Lot 1-13) and The Opera Residence (Lot 1-17). In details, The  Galleria Residence has approved to build the third floor and allowed to receive any purchasing contract. (promulgate on February 28th, 2020).

SonKim Land - the successful developer of The Metropole Thu Thiem

“Prestige is the most crucial element to maintain SonKim Land’s responsibility. We are extremely pleased to inform our clients that we successfully obtained the certificate of LURC for this project - The Metropole Thu Thiem. Especially, every purchasing requirement of The Galleria Residence condominium is officially signed from now. We provide our new tenants will be assured to own the most desirable house with a reliable contract. Phase 3 of this project - The Opera Residence will not only brings you the wealthy living space but also the best experience when living here.” said Han Suk Jung - The CEO of SonKim Land. 

The elites have their own privileges, they are not just having financial success but unique aesthetic taste toward architecture and culture and know exactly how to enjoy their life in any aspect. Subsequently, they are from the upper community in Knightbridge in England or Darling Habour in Australia, where has famous historic, architect and artistic construction. In fact, in The Metropole Vietnam, a similar community right next to the centre of District 1 are eventually developed inside the population of high-end condos along with restaurants, shopping mall and the office chain that reach the global standard. 

The Metropole located in the core position of Thu Thiem new urban area that directly connected to District 1 through the Thu Thiem Bridge no.2, pedestrian bridge and the metro station line no.2. The innovative traffic system helps The Metropole’s citizens to pay less effort when moving everywhere in the city. Actually, the core centre of this area is designed as a multifunctional zone regarding finance, commercial, culture and entertainment. This place will be transformed into the next international society which converges plenty of benefits such as convention centre, dance music theatre, exhibition hall and central plaza within this metropolitan region. 

The Opera Residence is surrounded by inspiring constructions in town

Experts forecasted this place will become the second “Wall Street” in Saigon in the near future. Meanwhile, The Metropole will contribute four office buildings that range from 200.000 square meters. This project will supply approximately 30% of premium office space to the downtown Saigon. People who live and works within the Metropole Thu Thiem have the advantage of Thu Thiem’s facilities. 

During the launching process of phase 1 and phase 2, The Metropole achieved far beyond its expectations. Hence, its phase 3 - The Opera Residence has enough confidence to public debut is going to be launched as soon as possible. Additionally, every apartment in this building has favoured with a full-significant view overlooking the river. The 2 towers included are Massimo and Scala, named after the 2 well-known opera houses from Northern and Southern of Italy, respectively. It consists of 646 units, 3 basements, 24 floors of storey and 4 floors of the podium. 

The Opera Residence is not only adjacent to the new city of City Opera House with an inspiring view of the Saigon River but also surrounded by city’s symbols such as Convention Centre, Central Plaza, Riverside Park and Cresent Boulevard. Furthermore, this work has done by the subtle architects, they modified its design from the domain of the symphony and used the reflective materials to make it extraordinary bright in multidimensions. Another speciality of this idea helps the whole tower utilise the natural sunlight and every movement of the day. The developers make sure all species in this area are well-nurtured thanks to the advanced technology, contemporary interiors, high0quality service. For instance, residential protection programs are Face and Finger ID gradually deployed, automatic locks, the smart shower system, private and security elevators, etc., to ensure the citizens the safest life.  

These improvements aim to fulfil people’s lives in this area by providing various facilities such as the series of pools, high-tech fitness centres, following by the elite offers from The Metropole to level up the human demands in Vietnam. 

SonKim Land exposes their high-end project - The Metropole Thu Thiem has its valid Red Book


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