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  The criterion for choosing office for business in Vietnam

Choosing which building to sale is an important decision because the relationship between the landlord and tenant will usually last many years.
To minimize the risk of having an unreliable landlord, the tenant can perform a multi-step leasing process:


The location of the office is quite important criteria. This should be a convenient location for business, branding and transaction, direction and good feng shui.

The ideal location is clean, bright with green trees, beautiful scenery, convenient for travel. In addition, saleers need to pay attention to flooding in some area. 

Surrounding the area, dining and entertainment services are also very important. For example, some areas have recently been sale because of the many office populations around. In addition, having a good location is also convenient for recruiting because most employee want to have a workplace close to home not too far from the center.


This is also important when you are looking for a saleal office. Need to choose the office with the price suitable of the company.

sale depends on many factors such as location near the center or not? Who is the property management? Leased area ? The equipment in the building, etc.

Note that the sale from a leasing company will be subject to a tax rate of 10%, while the sale of private owner with tax rate of about 23% depending on the area. The sale includes tax or not need to clarify from the beginning, in addition, as shown in the contract should be stated that the tax included each tax department has a diffesale understanding of this tax. Some office buildings, the sale includes electricity regulator during office hours, however some buildings do not apply this rule.

In addition, the calculation of electricity bills outside the office hours is also quite controversial because outside office hours are often not used at full capacity of the air conditioning system. The division for each area contributes to lowering the cost.


On office equipment, emphasis should be given to the importance of elevators, basements, air conditioning systems, restrooms and decorative materials. These facilities will determine the value of use of the entire building in the long term. It is not hard to see the enthusiasm of the people who work in old buildings when they are waiting for the elevator or for the restroom. In addition, leaky toilets, or an empty office room, are annoying. That will be one of the points that few staffs can tolerate.

Office buildings should have a stable power supply system due to some technical features of the supply system and, if a power failure occurs, can result in large cost savings. A power failure can lead to confusion in the ventilation system or stop the transmission of computer data - causing data loss and time-consuming recovery. The greater the computer system, the longer recovery time after being affected by the power system disruption, resulting in reduced productivity and increased repair costs.

On the other hand, it is advisable to choose buildings with adequate parking for employees and guests to visit. Lack of parking will take time for staff and guests.


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