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Sugarcane juice

June 19, 2019

Vietnamese Drinks You Should Try

Coming to Vietnam, foreign tourists often only care about culinary specialties such as pho, bread or bun cha ... But besides these delicious dishes, Vietnamese drinks are also one of the things to leave

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Vietnam Work Permit for foreigners

May 15, 2019

How to get a work permit for Vietnam

The government of Vietnam will deport any foreigner who is working in Vietnam without a work permit, or on an expired one.

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New World Saigon

June 26, 2019

TOP 20 Saigon Hotels With the Best Service

Saigon is one of the two cities with the largest number of people living in the country these days. The dynamic and youthful life combined with the strong development of the economy has pushed the type of Saigon hotel to expand.

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