September 29, 2021

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge Officially Connects The Two Banks, Which Brings Potential To The Real Estate Market In The Region


Information about Thu Thiem 2 bridge has brought more positive colors to the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in the context of complicated epidemic developments. It is undeniable that important infrastructure work such as Thu Thiem 2 bridge has increased the heat of real estate projects in the region. 

1. The connection position is the same as Thoi Dai Bridge

Thoi Dai Bridge is the first bridge to cross the Saigon River to connect with Diamond Island (in district 2):

- The starting point of the bridge continues on the road along the Saigon River in a residential area of ​​30 hectares, Binh Khanh ward.

- The end point continues the road along the Saigon River towards Thanh My Loi ward

- Thoi Dai Bridge makes it easy for vehicles to move from the direction of Cat Lai ferry to the Saigon River tunnel, or vice versa, Thanh My Loi residential area, Thu Thiem Villa residential area.. into the city easily develop. .

Thanh My Loi area is considered very convenient in terms of traffic, and is the main gateway to the East of the city. From here, it connects to Mai Chi Tho Boulevard through Thu Thiem peninsula, connecting the western provinces with the Southeast region, connecting to the Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway, creating a connection with the other side of the Dong Nai river, an easy method.

This is also a work to progress towards completing the Saigon riverside route connecting Mai Chi Tho street to Phu My bridge as planned. The opening of the Thoi Dai bridge has made the trade in Thanh My Loi, District 2 more exciting than ever.

Thoi Dai Bridge

Similar to Thoi Dai Bridge, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge after completion contributes to bringing a complete transport system to Ho Chi Minh City that helps people connect easily from District 1 to District 2 and vice versa.

- From here, the routes Luong Dinh Cua - Vong Cung Boulevard - Thu Thiem 2 Bridge - Ton Duc Thang and vice versa, are perfectly circulated.

- The added Thu Thiem 2 Bridge is one of the projects that contribute to building a beautiful image for the City by its very beautiful and outstanding architecture.

- Helps reduce the number of vehicles passing through Thu Thiem Bridge, Saigon River and Thu Thiem Tunnel, making the traffic system more convenient, avoiding traffic jams by many unfavorable roads.

Thu Thiem 2 Bridge

2. Potential upside after Thu Thiem 2 bridge is completed

After being built, the bridges bring high value to the land on both sides. Building Thoi Dai bridge from Mai Chi Tho Avenue to Diamond Island has caused land prices for projects around this area to increase sharply. Many facades have transaction prices of over 100 million/m2. For example, the land plot on Truong Van Bang street costs 113 million/m2, Ta Hien street costs 95 million/m2, Le Hien Mai street 83 million/m2, Nguyen Van Kinh street 70 million/m2, Dong Van Cong street 58 million /m2,…

On average, the price of land in front of a few roads in the administrative center of District 2 and near Kim Cuong island is fluctuating between 110-120 million/m2. Many local brokers said that the increase in selling prices during the land fever at the beginning of the year will continue until now, when the bridge to Diamond Island is started. The land price at this address has now increased by over 30% compared to the end of 2016.

Similar to Thoi Dai bridge in the past, Thu Thiem 2 bridge was completed and inaugurated, which pushed up real estate prices in the area. Specially, high-end apartment projects located near Thu Thiem 2 bridge have also been offered for sale at higher prices compared to previous phases such as The River Thu Them (Thu Duc City) costs about 110 million VND/m2 (compared to only 80 million VND/m2 a year ago); The Metropole Thu Thiem is also increasing by about 250-300 million/m2 and the highest apartment selling price in Thu Thiem still belongs to the Empire City project with 200-400 million/m2.

Moreover, according to a report by Savills World Research, the selling price of riverside real estate products in major cities around the world is often 10-50% higher than comparable products in other locations. Therefore, Thu Thiem 2 bridge promises to bring a lot of potential for real estate in Thu Thiem peninsula in the near future. 

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Thu Thiem 2 Bridge Officially Connects The Two Banks, Which Brings Potential To The Real Estate Market In The Region

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