How much are apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam?

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January 04, 2017

  • How much are apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam?


    The increase of population in large urban areas affects the needs of housing. In Vietnam, your finance and the price of apartments, especially in the expensive Ho Chi Minh City, has a proper distance. Therefore, finding some good apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam is not easy. We will give some useful tips for this situation.




    Previously, finding apartment for rent ho chi minh city vietnam is not a top choice of most of foreigners in Vietnam because the price was cheap and they prefered choosing hotels to stay, most of them traveled to the city for sightseeing. But at the present, there are more and more foreigners travel to Ho Chi Minh City for works and stay for a long period of time. In recent years, the real estate market for rent is always busy even when the whole estate market has been frozen.


    Other subjects rather foreigners are also diverse: they could be migrant workers coming to the city to looking for a job, or a great number of the young who prefer having a place of their own rather than living with their parents, or newly married families who do not have a financial capability to buy a house or apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam.




    With an amount of rent under 700$ for a month, if you would want to rent a house in the center districts, you can only find some tiny ones, which are deep in a crowded alley; or a small unfurnished single apartment. For a larger area, you have to look further to other districts at the edge of the city.


    So, several people choose cheap apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam of us near their workplace to conveniently travel to. Although the price for buying an apartment is exorbitant but the rent is quite reasonably cheap, it could also be inconvenient for some but it is a great choice to consider.




    In which, families or officers with high income and a stable job usually find a apartment for rent short term in ho chi minh with an area of 50 to 80 square meters, 2 bedrooms with complete furnitures or basic living purposes, with the price of approximately 700$ or a little more. For couples or individuals with an average income, they often find a mini apartment or with an area of 20 to 35 square meters for under 700$.


    I hope this article will help you in deciding your dream apartment when living in Ho Chi Minh city. If you need any help from a local expertise with free searching services (only landlord have to pay) feel free to contact us. Here is some listing for you:

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