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    TOP 20 Saigon Hotels With the Best Service

        Saigon is one of the two cities with the largest number of people living in the country these days. The dynamic and youthful life combined with the strong development of the economy has pushed the type of Saigon hotel to expand. From affordable hotels to high-class hotels to meet the accommodation needs of tourists and business travelers when coming to Saigon. If you do not know which hotel to choose for your next vacation or business in Saigon, here is the list for you   1. The Reverie Saigon   Launched on September 1, 2015, in the center of the district, The Reverie Saigon is now the ideal choice for those who want to experience a luxurious getaway in Saigon. The Reverie Saigon is rated as one of the best class hotels in the world. The beauty of The Reverie are its location in the center of the city and its design of Italian style right with the room space is extremely splendid, sophisticated and beautiful. All furniture at the hotel is imported from some of Italy's most famous brands. Giving you a perfect vacation.     2. Sheraton Saigon   Located in an extremely convenient location in District 1 Saigon, Sheraton Saigon Hotel is an ideal destination with 5-star service quality world-class. With a total of 485 rooms designed in a luxurious, spacious and fully equipped, modern furniture for your choice. There are also many attractive services waiting for you to experience.   3. Novotel Saigon    Novotel Saigon Center is a 4-star hotel managed by Accor Group. Until now, Novotel is one of the most crowded resting places in the city. Ho Chi Minh. With a total of 247 bedrooms, buffet restaurants, gyms, spas and swimming pools, and a bar, you can get the best service.     4. Sofitel Saigon Plaza    Sofitel Saigon Plaza is the most relaxing and relaxing place for tourists after a day of exploring Saigon. Here, you will enjoy luxury spa services, luxurious restaurants serving unique dishes, …   5. Le Meridien Saigon    Le Meridien Saigon is one of the first hotels in Vietnam managed by Starwood Hotel Group under the brand name of Le Méridien. With a view overlooking the beautiful Saigon River with 5-star quality service promises to bring unforgettable impressions for visitors to relax at Le Meridien Saigon.     6. Pullman Saigon Center    This is the first in Saigon opened by Accor group. Pullman Saigon Center fully converges all the most perfect services for high-end travelers seeking balanced experiences. A resting place dispels all the worries of everyday life. In addition to the luxurious rooms set up in modern style, Pullman Saigon Center also offers entertainment restaurants and bars for you to enjoy.   7. Park Hyatt Saigon    Known as Asia's premier hotel for 4 years, Park Hyatt Saigon is the best choice when traveling to Saigon. With a total of 244 high-class rooms with an extremely convenient location when located close to other famous tourist areas offering you a most comfortable and perfect vacation.     8. Caravelle Hotel   Although undergoing many ups and downs in history, until now Caravelle has been a leading international 5-star hotel in Saigon. One of the favorite places of the children away from home when returning to Vietnam. Caravelle Hotel still maintains its title as a luxury hotel in the heart of Saigon.   9. The Myst Dong Khoi    The Myst Dong Khoi is one of the hotels that recreates an identity-rich Saigon. Here, visitors will enjoy a quiet green space like an oasis located right in the heart of Saigon. With unique architecture and cultural differences, The Myst wants to introduce to domestic and foreign tourists an impressive and unique Saigon.     10. InterContinental Asiana Saigon    Located at the corner of Hai Ba Trung Street, InterContinental Asiana is one of the largest 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. All rooms are decorated with transparent glass to give you the best view of the city.   11. Nikko Saigon Hotel   Being officially put into operation from December 18, 2011, Nikko Saigon Hotel is currently a prestigious and quality resting place in Saigon known by many tourists. With modern accommodation, a high-end spa area with outdoor pool and health club offers the most memorable experience.     12. Tan Son Nhat Saigon    Located right near the airport, Tan Son Nhat Saigon Hotel is an ideal resting place for travelers with long flights to Saigon. With 208 rooms of 5-star quality designed in a classic and luxurious style, giving you a warm, comfortable resting space. In addition, the hotel also has a restaurant serving delicious food, sauna, massage, gym, …   13. Norfolk Saigon    This is the first Australian hotel in Saigon, located on Le Thanh Ton street. The rooms at Norfolk Saigon Hotel are decorated in the English style with fully furnished furniture to give you the most relaxing moments. Especially, visitors will enjoy super delicious Asian - European dishes at Corso Steakhouse restaurant.     14. Tajmasago Resort   Inspired by the famous Maharaja temple, visitors to Tajmasago Resort seem to be in India. Every corner of Tajmasago is carefully cared for. Although there are only 15 rooms, but the layout is different, it brings newness and attracts many visitors to relax.   15. Hotel Des Arts Saigon MGallery Collection   If you are looking for a French Indochina hotel, Hotel Des Arts Saigon MGallery Collection is the best choice. Suites and rooms are elegantly designed, white bed sheets, comfortable mattresses bring you the most comfortable sleep. The restaurant and bar areas are also beautifully decorated and ancient.   16. New World Saigon    Located in the center of District 1, New World is proud to be a hotel with privatization and 5-star facilities along with the hospitality of Vietnamese. Promising to bring you a perfect trip to Saigon. At New World, there are 552 rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, and a physical club for you to choose from.     17. Norfolk Mansion - High-class apartments    Norfolk Mansion is a hotel that won the Saigon Times award four times. The system of rooms at Norfolk Mansion is perfectly designed, the interior is beautifully decorated to give visitors a great stay. On the culinary side with over 200 delicacies waiting for you to enjoy at the 2 ensuite restaurants. There are also many other services for you to choose from.   18. Oakwood Apartment HCMC   Oakwood is one of the 4-star luxury apartments in Ho Chi Minh City with international standards. With a scale of 68 apartments designed very nicely and luxuriously. Furniture in the hotel was inspired from 1950 to 1970 in Saigon to give visitors a new feeling that is extremely familiar.   19. Amena Residences and Suites   Amena Residences and Suites is considered an address providing elegant accommodation located in District 1, HCMC. All rooms of Amena are beautifully decorated with beige main colors. For those who love entertainment, shopping at night, Amena Residences and Suites is the best choice.   20. Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minh    The location is extremely convenient when it is located at the Parkson commercial center and the Opera House about 600 m. Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minh offers luxury accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City that you can refer to. Not only high-class rooms, but guests can also dine in the restaurant or request room service. Promising to bring visitors the most relaxing moments.    
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        Nowadays,  wedding ceremonies have been with only three main ceremonies: get to know, the engagement ceremony, and the wedding.    Get-to-know ceremony (Lễ ra mắt)   This ceremony is a ritual in the marriage customs of Vietnamese people. This ceremony aims to formalize the marriage relationship of two families.    The ceremony is about a meeting between the two families. Years ago, the groom's family asked to go to the bride's house to ask the official couple for a better understanding of each other before making a marriage decision. This ceremony does not need the appointment of the termite (including those who love each other thanks to matchmaking), no need for cumbersome offerings. However, now the ceremony is mostly for the two families to get to know each other.   In essence, this ceremony is only a cultural behavior, through which two families know more about each other (about the family origin), thereby leading to the decision to continue whether or not the marriage of two families.    As the elderly says, if you skip this ceremony and go straight to the other two ceremonies, everything will feel suddenly awkward as there is a lack of “a beginning”. Therefore, although it is not a solemn ceremony, it is an indispensable ceremony in the process of marriage.     For this ceremony, usually, Vietnamese people still follow the traditional pattern with the participation of fathers, mothers, groom, bride, grandparents, uncles and aunties from both sides.   Engagement ceremony     The engagement ceremony, also known as the engagement ceremony, is a rite of traditional Vietnamese marriage customs. This is the official announcement of the promise between them. This is an important stage in the marriage relationship, meaning the girl becomes the "fiancée" of the boy, and the boy after bringing offerings to the girl's house to make the official announcement.   During the ceremony, the boy's family brought offerings to the girl's house. If only the bride's family accept the offerings, the couple is now officially engaged and be waiting for the wedding.   The offerings are usually betel and areca; Lotus jam; alcohol; tea; a cake, green bean cake, roast suckling pig, wedding money, etc. Old families often use a pair of cakes, which means two things that represent yin and yang. The offerings are put in separate trays and carried by the groom’s best man and groomsmen, and the number of groomsmen should be odd, like 5, 7 or 9 people. While the bride's family is supposed to prepare a party in favor of the groom’s family and offerings; additionally, there should be bridesmaids to receive offerings from groomsmen as well.    Those are the minimum offerings according to traditional custom; Of course, the quality and quantity are reduced depending on the economic capacity of each family.     The Wedding   Weddings are a cultural custom in marriage to widely inform the acceptance of society and the parties to marriage about marriage. With this meaning, this ceremony is also called the marriage ceremony.   Previously, Vietnamese people called this ceremony the procession of receiving the bride. This is a form of a festival, happy bride, groom and two families. This is a ritual that is of interest to some societies and is usually held only after the government has granted the marriage registration certificate. In Vietnamese people's mind, the wedding ceremony has a higher value than the marriage registration certificate. The great interest of society in this ceremony sometimes presses on organizers that they must ensure that they can satisfy their participants at the wedding.    
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    Vietnam Volunteer: A list of NGO/ NPO Organizations across Vietnam

      1 Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation   The Blue Dragon Children's Foundation was founded in late 2003 by Michael Brosowski - who was named "The Hero" after a while helping street children in Hanoi. The goal of the organization is to get children out of the temptations of society to return to their families, to help and facilitate learning and employment for them. Not only stopping at helping children in Hanoi, but the organization also brought its projects and programs to some other provinces such as Hue, Hoi An, and Bac Ninh.   After more than 10 years of operation, the Green Dragon Children's Foundation has supported and changed the lives of more than 68,000 children.     2 Handicap International   International charity for the disabled is an independent international aid organization with the goal of eliminating poverty, working closely with disabled and disabled people to help them integrate with the community, improve conditions living.   Currently, the International Charitable Organization for People with Disabilities in Vietnam is working with local authorities to develop national methods, strategies, and services to prevent childcare, rehabilitation, and reconciliation. Enter life for people with disabilities. Up to now, this organization has been operating for 22 years in Vietnam with the deployment of 36 projects in 9 areas of disability and 11 areas of stable development.     3 International Committee of the Red Cross   The International Committee of the Red Cross was founded in 1863 as a precursor to the International Committee for the Relief of wounded based on Henry Dunant's idea. A year later, the Geneva Convention - the first convention adopted by member states, and in 1919, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies was born with the goal of protecting life and energy. healthy for people.   The Vietnam Red Cross was established on November 23, 1946, and so far all provinces and cities throughout the country have established the Red Cross with the common goal of eliminating poverty and supporting the above difficult circumstances. the whole territory of Vietnam.     4 Saigon Children’s Charity    Saigon Children's Charity was established in 1992 with the goal of helping Vietnamese children to have a comprehensive education and a fair start in life.   Over 20 years of operation, Saigon Children's Charity has awarded more than 2,500 scholarships each year, building more than 300 classes for disadvantaged children in both urban and remote areas.     5 UPS charity   UPS Vietnam is a charitable foundation supporting Maison Chance and EFD (Education for Development). In particular, Maison Chance is an organization to support orphans, helpless children and people with difficult circumstances and disabilities by building charitable houses, organizing vocational classes and classes and free health care. EFD is an international organization working directly with companies, schools, and individuals in Vietnam to expand educational activities for disadvantaged children and young people.   6 International Relief and Development Organization (FIDR - Foundation for International Development Relief)   The International Relief and Development Organization (FIDR) is a Japanese non-governmental organization and was established in 1998 in Vietnam. But since 1991, FIDR has started implementing a support program for Da Nang city through international NGOs operating in Vietnam. The goal of the organization is to focus on regional, educational and health development in Da Nang, Quang Nam, and will expand in Thua Thien Hue province.   7 A Warm Winter Volunteer Organization (Tổ chức Mùa Đông Ấm)   Warm Winter is a non-profit voluntary organization established in 2007 with the goal of supporting the spirit, learning and living conditions for poor and underprivileged children in Vietnam.   "Heated shower" is a project run by this organization to build a warm shower system for high school and semi-boarding students. It is expected that by 2017, the organization will cooperate with the Ha Giang Department of Education and Training to give 15 warm showers to students of ethnic minority boarding schools.   8 V. E.O Organization   V. E. O Workshop Coffee is a cafe with volunteer and learning activities (especially English) originating from the organization V. E. O - Volunteer organization for education. From cultural shows, selling clothes, handmade goods, ... organizations have raised funds to carry out charity programs, teach English to children, support students in poor localities, …    9 FUF Organization (Formons Une Famille)   FUF Vietnam was founded in 2002, with headquarters in Da Nang. This is a charity with the goal of supporting disabled children, disadvantaged children and helping children who are victims of Agent Orange. Since its founding, the organization has provided relief to more than 2,500 orphaned and helpless children, awarded more than 500 scholarships to students for overcoming difficulties and especially saved more than 1,000 children of Agent Orange.   10 ActionAid Vietnam (AAV)   ActionAid is an international organization against poverty working in more than 40 countries with the goal of working closely with the poor to end poverty and injustice. AAV is a part of AAI (ActionAid International) has been operating in Vietnam for 20 years with long-term programs in the Northwest, Central Highlands, Mekong Delta, and urban poor areas.  
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