How To Negotiate With Landlord When You Want To End Your Lease Soon


April 23, 2019

  • During the renting time, breaking a signed contract with the landlord might incur. To be able to break the lease and get your deposit back properly, there is no better way than understanding thoroughly the law for renting accommodations in Vietnam, especially when you’re foreigner planning to move here for long-term.


    Breaking the lease and getting deposit back properly is a frequent issue that everyone has to deal with in renting apartment (Source: Hoozing)


    1. Have a deep understanding about the rental law


    Understanding thoroughly about the law when you rent an apartment in Vietnam is really important. Before reaching to the final decision with the landlord for the renting, make sure that both sides understand the conditions and inquiries.


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    There are some certain and important terms that you need to know if you want to break the lease before the expiration date of the contract:


    - Once the landlord get the deposit, they can not rent out the place to someone else

    - Usually, the term of the lease is from 12 to 36 months, you will get the penalty if you don’t inform the landlord of your moving plan before at least 20 days.

    - It’s illegal for the landlord to keep the deposit when you already inform them of your moving plan, even when you haven’t found another tenant to replace.

    - Diplomatic clause is accepted by the landlord if the lease is more than a year. If diplomatic clause is included in Tenancy Agreement, tenant can terminate the lease after 12 months by giving 2 months notice.


    Knowing deeply and clearly about the rental law is a must when it comes to renting houses and apartments (Source: helixonggroup)


    2. Communicate well with the landlord about your moving plan


    As mentioned above, according to the rental law, you have to inform your owner before moving out at least 20 days or one month in advance, since the lessor can face with some expenses that they’ve already spent such as: advertisements, commission for agency,...


    By doing this, you can also give your landlord some time to prepare the money for your deposit. The landlord will appreciate this from you and it can make things easier when you negotiate with them in case of any damages or breakages in furniture in the house, or any exceptions arose for the term of the lease.


    Clear communication is the key to make things work out more easily before, during and after your renting time (Source: Propertyguru)


    3. Find another tenant to replace you in advance before moving


    This is a very necessary thing to do if you want to move out quickly, and usually the easiest way to get the problem solved, especially you live in apartments for rent in district 2, 3, or Binh Thanh, you can always easily find a tenant to replace you since these area has high rental demands from expats.


    Anyways, you still have to tell your landlord in advance about your plan to make sure that your landlord understand. Remember that you’re not supposed to let other people rent out your place without the permission of the landlord, so be aware of this.

    The best solution for early moving out without dealing with law terms is finding a new tenant to replace you (Source: Realtor)


    4. Seek for a reliable agency or counsel's advices


    This would be the last thing you want to do in case your landlord refuses to give the deposit back. However, this is a very effective way to solve the problem when you think there’s something wrong with the term, or when your landlord try to make things difficult for you in getting back your deposit.


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    Consultants and lawyers are the ones who can help you solve the issues in renting apartments and rental terms quickly and thoroughly (Source: kagone)


    5. Keep in good contact and relationship with your landlord


    This crucial thing is ignored by tenants sometimes. It’s good to stick with all the rental laws and terms, but the better way to deal with problems in renting accommodations is to create a good connection and relationship between you and your landlord throughout your renting time.


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    Keeping a good relationship with your landlord is a smart move to make things easier for you during your stay in their property (Source: Mashvisor)


    In conclusion, the process for renting in Vietnam is not too complicated. Once you have a certain understanding about the rental law, and the culture in doing business of the people here, everything will be at ease wherever you plan to live in, and whether it’s a luxury Masteri Thao Dien for rent apartment in District 2, or just a low budget one in District 12.


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