What is an officetel? Definition, pros and cons.

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February 02, 2018

  • What is an officetel? Definition, pros and cons


    Real estate market recently has a new trend, Officetel apartment. This type of apartment is quite a lot of people interested and value for the advantages as well as benefit that it brings. What is Officetel apartment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Officetel? Please read the article below.


    1. What is Officetel Apartments?


    The name Officetel is a combination of English words Office and Hotel, the name simply reflects the function and characteristics of this type of apartment. Officetel is an office model that combines the features of a house, or more particularly, it inherits the characteristics of a house, a hotel and an office. Because of this, Officetel does not have a rigid design like pure office furniture and can be used as a comfortable place to stay.


    What is Officetel Apartment?


    Not only that, apartment owners can use the facilities in the residential areas such as swimming pool, hospital, gymnasium, school ... with high commercial features to ensure all needs in life. Officetel apartments usually have a minimum area of ​​25 sqm and a maximum of 200 sqm, the current price offered on the market ranges from 900 million to 2 billion per unit.


    2. Features of Officetel apartment



    To understand more about the apartment Officetel is also need to learn about the advantages and disadvantages that this type of apartment.



    - As mentioned above, the area of ​​Officetel Apartments is not large, so the price is cheaper than the normal apartments.


    - There is a separate entrance and elevator lobby, convenient for companies.


    - There is a separate reception area as well as the possibility of hanging the company's name in the reception area.


    - Can use the address of the apartment to register for business license, the license to open office, etc.


    - Use comfortably facilities in buildings and residential areas.


    - There are many functions such as office, housing ...


    - Have higher interest rates than other types of apartments.




    - Small area should be suitable for small office or small family.


    - The usage length is only 50 years old, after this period, owners must apply for extension.


    - Management costs are higher than normal apartments.


    - Not a place of residence, this mean the apartment cannot be registered for permanent residency but only temporary residency.


    3. Some outstanding Officetel apartment projects


    Officetel apartments now have many projects spreading throughout Ho Chi Minh City. Typically, in the South, there are projects such as Sunrise, Florita, The GoldView, ... In the west, District 2 and Binh Thanh District, there are also different projects. Typical is the large-scale Vinhomes project. There is also the Wilton Tower project at Dien Bien Phu or Sun Avenue in District 2. Especially the brand new project in District 4 is River Gate.


    Officetel Apartments is a new question of the real estate market refers to a type of apartment prominent, promising to many people interested. Hopefully with the above article, you have more useful information for yourself.


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