February 14, 2020

Download Vietnam Real Estate Investment Guide For Foreign Investors Document


Saigon has been well-known as the most vibrant real estate market. Notably, foreign investors have concerns about this opportunity and commercial trade is significantly extended. This paper aims to assist our customers who freshly enter Vietnam as well as domestic. 


We wish to kindly introduce you about Vietnam and changes in this decade. We provide you the best tourism service, including transportations, accommodation and necessary facilities. Especially, the real estate industry has drawn attention our neighbor countries and many big investors decided to do capital injection. 


Real estate in Ho Chi Minh City

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  • + You are expats and want to own a house in a famous project? 

  • + You worrying about the monetary system in Vietnam? 

  • + More importantly, you hope to find a house/ apartment has well-equipped furniture that located in a favorable area? 

  • + And wondering who will assist you until you get a desired one?


Understanding your needs, we will respond to every question through the document below. In details, we deliver accurate, legal information that you should aware to protect your rights and simplify your work. Supported data regarding taxation, certificate or housing policies are all mentioned to strengthen your home ownership. Moreover, the property transaction is definitely effortless when you have a thorough knowledge of particular procedures and processes that approved by the Government.


Widely, we give you all guidance to know how the face value of money and the economy affects the real estate market, then you will never go wrong on your decision and earn maximum profits for your investment. Typically, when will the perfect time to buy property and which projects are suitable to lease? The answer is already implemented in this document and success is very close to your hand.

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To save more time and make efficient decisions, MODOHO will support you unconditionally. We are certain that our service quality will satisfy you. 

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Vietnam Real Estate Investment Guide For Foreign Investors Document


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