April 02, 2016

Laws That Expatriates Need To Know Before Moving To Ho Chi Minh City




1. Tax


Did you know that you should pay tax on your lottery ticket earnings? Here’s a list of the things that anyone and everyone living in Ho Chi Minh City, foreigner or not, resident or not, should be paying tax for. Although most don’t…


-  Regular income in the form of salaries/ wages, allowances, bonuses, shares and business profits

-  Irregular income in the form of money or other items sent by overseas residents

-  Income derived from the transfer of technology, copyrights, patents or trademarks

-  Lottery winnings  


2. Rent


Make sure you are registered with the government when you move into an apartment for rent, a serviced apartment for rent, etc. Usually,  the local police will make sure for you but either way, it is a requirement and, for the sake of efficiency as much as honesty, you should do it. Ask your landlord, or your real estate agent, if you have one.


3. Porn and Prostitutes


This one is simple - just don’t bring porn with you. It is illegal to import porn to Vietnam since porn itself is illegal in Vietnam. That being said, prostitution is also illegal here and we all know how well that law is enforced…


My friend had his bag searched at customs when they found un-labelled DVDs in one of its pockets, but he’s one in a million. It seems that nowadays customs is less strict in general on this front. Depends what you’re willing to risk! We reckon just leave that stuff at home, get outside and meet someone…


4. Visas


Vietnam has new visas. How irritatingly complex, am I right? But then, such is life. Check out our article on visas for everything you need to know about the process of choosing, applying for and receiving a visa.


5. Driving


Did you know that the Vietnamese government will soon be offering an international driver’s permit? Yep, if you are a national or a resident of Vietnam and currently hold a Vietnamese domestic driver’s license you can apply. If the plan goes ahead, this license will be valid in 70 other countries. You can read more about it here.


6. Traffic


According to traffic rules in Vietnam, you are legally obliged to be obnoxious with your horn when overtaking someone. You are also not allowed to undertake though everyone does, and you are not allowed to drive or ride a bicycle with headphones in though everyone also does...


More than two people on a motorbike are is illegal, driving without a license is also obviously a no no, and red lights are supposed to be obeyed… My theory is that Vietnam’s road rules have been introduced for the purpose of being deliberately ignored.


Have you ever been pulled over by a policeman? Well, the reality is that when they are wearing a blue card these men (and women) are absolutely allowed to do so. If, of course, you are doing something wrong. But fines are another issue altogether.

To find out business culture in Vietnam, vistit here:  Understanding Vietnam Business Culture

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