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Nowadays,  wedding ceremonies have been with only three main ceremonies: get to know, the engagement ceremony, and the wedding. 


Get-to-know ceremony (Lễ ra mắt)


This ceremony is a ritual in the marriage customs of Vietnamese people. This ceremony aims to formalize the marriage relationship of two families. 


The ceremony is about a meeting between the two families. Years ago, the groom's family asked to go to the bride's house to ask the official couple for a better understanding of each other before making a marriage decision. This ceremony does not need the appointment of the termite (including those who love each other thanks to matchmaking), no need for cumbersome offerings. However, now the ceremony is mostly for the two families to get to know each other.


In essence, this ceremony is only a cultural behavior, through which two families know more about each other (about the family origin), thereby leading to the decision to continue whether or not the marriage of two families. 


As the elderly says, if you skip this ceremony and go straight to the other two ceremonies, everything will feel suddenly awkward as there is a lack of “a beginning”. Therefore, although it is not a solemn ceremony, it is an indispensable ceremony in the process of marriage.  


For this ceremony, usually, Vietnamese people still follow the traditional pattern with the participation of fathers, mothers, groom, bride, grandparents, uncles and aunties from both sides.


Engagement ceremony



The engagement ceremony, also known as the engagement ceremony, is a rite of traditional Vietnamese marriage customs. This is the official announcement of the promise between them. This is an important stage in the marriage relationship, meaning the girl becomes the "fiancée" of the boy, and the boy after bringing offerings to the girl's house to make the official announcement.


During the ceremony, the boy's family brought offerings to the girl's house. If only the bride's family accept the offerings, the couple is now officially engaged and be waiting for the wedding.


The offerings are usually betel and areca; Lotus jam; alcohol; tea; a cake, green bean cake, roast suckling pig, wedding money, etc. Old families often use a pair of cakes, which means two things that represent yin and yang. The offerings are put in separate trays and carried by the groom’s best man and groomsmen, and the number of groomsmen should be odd, like 5, 7 or 9 people. While the bride's family is supposed to prepare a party in favor of the groom’s family and offerings; additionally, there should be bridesmaids to receive offerings from groomsmen as well. 


Those are the minimum offerings according to traditional custom; Of course, the quality and quantity are reduced depending on the economic capacity of each family.


Engagement ceremony


The Wedding


Weddings are a cultural custom in marriage to widely inform the acceptance of society and the parties to marriage about marriage. With this meaning, this ceremony is also called the marriage ceremony.


Previously, Vietnamese people called this ceremony the procession of receiving the bride. This is a form of a festival, happy bride, groom and two families. This is a ritual that is of interest to some societies and is usually held only after the government has granted the marriage registration certificate. In Vietnamese people's mind, the wedding ceremony has a higher value than the marriage registration certificate. The great interest of society in this ceremony sometimes presses on organizers that they must ensure that they can satisfy their participants at the wedding.


The Wedding


During this day, Vietnamese People often gives some gifts for groom and bride, it may be some small gifts, or "Lucky Money". There becomes one of the customs of Vietnam, to find out more information, visit here: The Beauty Of Gift Giving Customs In Vietnam

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