Basic Information

  • Room Type:

    N/A m² - N/A m²
  • Deposit:

    3 tháng
  • Payment period:

    3 tháng
  • Building Direction:


Dai Minh Convention Tower with the advantage of location in the center of District 7 has brought domestic and foreign businesses an attractive choice of office for lease. In addition, this building also brings many outstanding utilities and services to customers during use.


Dai Minh Convention Tower
77 Hoang Van Thai, Tan Phu Ward, District 7
3 Basements – 1 Ground – 13 Floors
Floor area
770 sqm
Building direction


Rent cost
17.2 USD/sqm/month
Management fee
5.8 USD/sqm/month
Car parking fee
1.900.000 VND/month
Motorbike parking fee
Electricity bill
Included in rent cost
Overtime fee
3 months

Location and advantages of Dai Minh Convention Tower

Dai Minh Convention is located in façade of the central street of District 7, Hoang Van Thai. Here, there are many high-class apartments, modern service centers such as Phu My Hung urban area, International Exhibition Center, etc,  helping businesses choose offices for rent here with more many opportunities to find sources of potential customers and partners.

Location of Dai Minh Convention Tower 

Dai Minh Convention office building also gives companies great advantages in traffic. Moving to many central districts such as District 1, District 4, District 5, District 8 more quickly that creates favorable conditions for employees and customers in the working process.

Scale and building design

Dai Minh office for rent is a harmonious combination of gray and blue tones creating a quite special architecture, completely outstanding on Hoang Van Thai street. The ground floor is dedicated to commercial centers and retail services, the remaining floors are used as offices for rent. Morover, this building is designed according to the trend of maximum power saving and making full use of natural light sources.

The outside of Dai Minh Conversion Tower - Source:

Walls are built from materials with effective sound insulation and withstand large impact forces. Priority is given to the installation of high-grade ceramic tiles with good anti-slip properties. Basement with a capacity of 40 cars and 400 motorbikes is divided into 2 specialized areas.

Utilities, services and equipment at Dai Minh Convention building

When choosing to rent an office at Dai Minh Convention Tower, customers can experience many attractive utilities and services such as:

– The system consists of 4 elevators imported directly from Europe with fast transportation speed and large capacity.

– Central air conditioning and air conditioning systems installed in each office always ensure operation during office hours.

– Fire alarm and fire fighting systems fully meet the required standards of a high-rise building.

– Surveillance camera system in public areas such as reception, parking, etc, with a team of security guards working 24/24 to ensure absolute security for the entire building.

– Maintenance service and periodic maintenance of all office equipment according to the manufacturer's schedule.

– Friendly and professional front desk staff best support customers and business partners when coming to work at the building.

Ms. Grace Nguyen

General Fee

  • Services fee:

    $5 / m²
  • Parking fee:

    5$ xe máy 80$ ô tô
  • Electric water fee:

  • Other fee:


Typical Slot


Image Detail
Image Detail

Đại Minh Building

77 Hoàng Văn Thái, Quận 7

  • Floor

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