Basic Information

  • Property Type:

    District 1
  • Room Type:

    60 m² - 774 m²
  • Deposit:

    3 tháng
  • Payment period:

    3 tháng
  • Building Status:

  • Building Direction:


President Place is a standard Grade A office for lease located in the city center. President Place office building is constructed according to LEED standards (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design - a pioneering international standard on the issue of building energy-saving buildings and protecting the living environment of people). The building is designed to create harmony between the working environment, life and nature.


Building name
President Place
93 Nguyen Du Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
Building structure
12 Floors - 3 Basements
Floor area


142m2, 310m2, 400m2, 622m2



Rent cost
$43 - $47/ m2
Management fee
Car parking fee
150 USD/car/month
Motorbike parking fee
15 USD/motorbike/month
Electricity fee
Private meter
Overtime fee
3 months


President Palace Building is located at the intersection of Nguyen Du and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, near major and important roads of District 1 such as Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung... administrative - commercial of the city.
From the location of the building, it is convenient for traffic through other districts and surrounding areas as well as connecting to industrial parks and high-tech zones in the Ho Chi Minh City.
+ 170m from City People's Court
+ 240m from Reunification Palace
+ 120m from 30/4 Park
+ 300m from Notre Dame Cathedral
+ Near bank offices such as Vietcombank, Vietinbank, HSBC, ANZ Bank, Exim Bank...

Possessing an expensive facade overlooking Nguyen Du Boulevard, surrounded by a miniature park providing fresh air, the President Palace building possesses an open space, sweeping views of the city in many directions. .

The region has many developed businesses in the fields of finance, information technology and communication, and many large domestic and foreign corporations in Vietnam are active and developing.

With a strategic location in the area and synchronous and modern infrastructure, President Place Building will be one of the prominent office buildings for lease in District 1, especially in the future, when the subway line Metro began to be put into operation and use maximum traffic convenience.


President Building is designed according to the standards of a professional Grade A office and is highly appreciated by experts for its design ideas, creating a harmony between the working environment, life and nature.

This is the only office building project in Ho Chi Minh City that has been awarded the LEED GOLD award - the US green building rating system.

President Place uses sustainable materials to minimize their impact on the environment. The building's facade is covered with anti-glare glass to help the building always be filled with natural light, combined with the elegant marble color to make the building look luxurious and harmonious. The building consists of two interconnected parts, each with its own unique features:

“The Cube” is the main cube, in a low position, covered by a system of sunshades. The unique building stands out on the scenic main road facing the park.

The rear (The Rear) and the upper (The Upper) of the building surround the front (The Cube) with a shielding system designed in a contrasting yet harmonious style – looking like a transparent curtain. transparent with hot earth colors.

The core design and salient features of the building come from the idea of ​​a future of Saigon. The goal is to develop an office building with attractive beauty, spearheaded with a modern, environmentally friendly design.

The structure of the building is solid by solid concrete blocks with an eccentric core with open space, no columns.
The column grid is designed regularly, minimizing the impact on the used area. In addition, we optimized the effectiveness of the multi-layer façade to limit the absorption of heat and glare from the sun while still taking advantage of the beautiful scenery outside. Transparent glass doors on the outside of the building maximize the view of the park and surrounding historical sites.
– More than 75% of office leasing areas receive natural daylight at 25-50 lumens when the weather is clear.
– 90% of office spaces receive sunlight from outside through glass doors with a light line 76-229 cm high from the floor. Making the most of natural light in these areas will reduce the building's electricity demand, thereby saving energy. This will greatly contribute to the protection of natural resources and the reduction of air pollution.

The unique feature of President Place is that the building has two different facades. This is the new style office building in Saigon. Abandoning the previous mirror box house while embracing the awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, this iconic architecture was born.

With a scale of 12 floors, the President building provides about 10,770 m2 for Grade A office space and 850 m2 for commercial space. Flexible office for lease divided into areas from 115m2, suitable for many businesses. The building has tenants of typical global brands such as: CANON VIET NAM, MICROSOFT, MIRUM AGENCY, Y PENM PARTNERS, SCHINDLER VIETNAM, SONY VIETNAM SAPPHIRE, EGOPULSE, DIAGEO VIETNAM...


- Elevator system: equipped with a high-speed elevator system, owning the latest generation of Schindler's elevator control system - PORT technology.
- Surveillance camera system: equipped with many, ensuring security for the building 
- Fire protection system: Advanced and optimal fire protection system up to international standards.
- Power system: Backup power system with large capacity from generators with automatic switching system ensures sufficient power supply for all floors of offices for lease.

President Place Tower service fee is 7 usd/m2 including:
- System of air conditioning and ventilation for public areas during office hours.
- Electricity during working hours.
- Backup power from generator with automatic switching system
- Operate the elevator
- Maintain and maintain equipment and machines in the common system of the building
- Lighting of public areas and for parking areas
- Cleaning public areas in the building, cleaning the outside of the building. 
- Water for daily use
- Collecting domestic/office garbage
- Periodically kill insects
- Toilet paper, hand sanitizer in the toilet 
- Security guarding the building 24h/7 
- Staff salaries and building management costs

Ms. Grace Nguyen

General Fee

  • Services fee:

    $7 / m²
  • Parking fee:

    20$ xe máy ,250$ xe hơi
  • Electric water fee:

    giá nhà nc
  • Other fee:

Typical Slot


Image Detail

Presidential Place - 93 Nguyễn Du Quận 1

93 Nguyễn Du, Quận 1

  • 60 m²
  • Floor 2
Image Detail

Presidential Place - 93 Nguyễn Du Quận 1

93 Nguyễn Du, Quận 1

  • 774 m²
  • Floor 4
Image Detail

Presidential Place - 93 Nguyễn Du Quận 1

93 Nguyễn Du, Quận 1

  • 311 m²
  • Floor 10
Security 24/24
Making office
Air Condition
Full Utilities

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