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A notable structure called Opal Tower is situated at Saigon Pearl, a five-star hotel near the Saigon River. The third stage of SSG Group's larger Saigon Pearl project, Opal Tower, promises to offer residents and investors excellent value. To create Opal Tower a complex luxury & contemporary condominium - office for successful businesses and high-class dwelling, there are 41 storeys, comprising a high-class condominium, office space, and shophouse at the bottom floor.

Opal Tower Project Apartment Overview


Project investor
SSG Group
Design Company
HTT Group
Project Information

- Construction Time: 07/2017

- Hand-over Time: 12/2019

- Number of storeys: 41 floors

- Number of units: 435 apartments; 8 shophouses

Construction Acreage
3.700 m²
Apartment Acreage
85 - 160 m²


Opal Tower is a part of the Saigon Pearl complex, which is housed in Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, at 92 Nguyen Huu Canh Street. This is where the majority of the wealthy citizens congregate. When three sides of an apartment complex are next to a large river, it is considered to be in the most picturesque position in the neighborhood. As a result, the infrastructure in this area is built incredibly quickly and is regularly maintained to meet the population' requirements for transportation. Residents of Opal Tower will have convenient access to District 1's downtown in just 5 minutes by automobile or over the Saigon Bridge, which connects to Districts 2, 9, and Thu Duc very rapidly.

In addition, Opal Tower's location offers a number of benefits, including a nice view from the Saigon River's southeast bank. Residents may enjoy the river air, which offers fresh breezes with a river-like taste to the apartment in the center of the city. When canal transportation is now increasing gradually, it is convenient.

Opal Tower Location in Binh Thanh District


The apartment's location on the road bridging the two districts (Districts 1 and 2) with two renowned bridges, notably the Saigon Bridge and Thu Thiem Bridge, will be a huge advantage for transportation amenities. This will provide advantageous conditions going forward. major city sites, administrative hubs. Additionally, residents here inherit all of the amenities offered by Saigon Pearl apartment, including the modern retail mall and the lush park that runs along the Saigon River. 1km, a network of international-standard schools, a long list of eateries, cafés, banks, facilities for healthcare, libraries, and thermal rooms.

Education: International School HCMC, Wellspring Bilingual School, International School Saigon Pearl, etc.

Entertainment: Takashimaya Vietnam, Diamond Plaza, Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza, Vincom Landmark 81, etc.

Restaurant: Pizza 4P's Saigon Pearl, Ussina Aging Beef & Bar Restaurant, Maisen Bistro, Truffle Restaurant, etc.

Medical: Medical Center, Medical Center Binh Thanh District, Saigon General Hospital, Vinmec International General Hospital, etc.

Opal Tower Shophouse


From luxurious apartments to internal amenities that improve customers' quality of life, Opal Tower is built with the highest standards of quality and amenities. In addition, Opal Tower acquired many of the earlier constructed external utilities from the Saigon Pearl project thanks to the Opal Saigon Pearl Building, which is a part of the Saigon Pearl project. This gave Opal Tower access to a high-class living area as well.

Community living area
Spacious waterfront park
Large trade center
International standard kindergarten for your baby
International schools, kindergartens
Luxury restaurants and cafes
Park for children
Overflowing swimming pool
Spacious and airy Gym

Opal Tower Gym

Opal Kindergarten Playground

With a number of first-rate riverside amenities like a marina and swimming pool, Opal Tower utility delivers a distinctive feature that will undoubtedly result in intriguing adventures and restful moments after a long day at work.



The Opal Tower Binh Thanh project's meticulous design makes the most of the available light, and the apartment's natural wind source is another standout feature. A genuinely serene area of your house where you feel most at ease. The apartment area is planned with a variety of dwelling kinds to meet the demands of each unique owner. The view orientation will vary depending on the flat but will always guarantee a lovely outlook.


Model residence Opal Tower apartment building Making the most of the available space is the Binh Thanh Opal Tower apartment's sensible layout and conventional design. The Opal Tower apartments are designed in a modern Asian style and constructed to a 5-star hotel quality to provide residents with the utmost comfort and openness.



The Opal Tower Binh Thanh project's interior is extremely elegant and opulent; the apartment's living room and bedroom are tiled with imported materials of the highest quality to create a contemporary, cozy, and safe residence. The residence is consistently well-lit and tidy.


All kitchen flooring, cabinets, and other goods like vacuum cleaners are utilized with cutting-edge, opulent equipment from the most renowned companies in the world,... toilet with a wall and a floor A scenario made of tiled tiles that is open and airy is entirely built with equipment that was imported from a renowned Spanish equipment firm.




- The Opal Tower project's design contains two blocks with around 40 stories each and one parking basement. Alternating between the apartments and the business area is the arrangement.

The floor plan has 12 units per level, which are design flats with 1 – 4 bedrooms and areas between 50–160 square meters.

A highlight in the view direction with a pleasant and beautiful natural area, built along the Saigon River.

The investor has also furnished the apartment's interior, giving tenants a cozy place to live.


The SSG Group is a conglomerate that was founded in November 2003 and has 24 affiliated businesses in three key sectors: real estate development, education, and renewable energy. SSG Group, which primarily focuses on real estate development, has completed several noteworthy projects, including Saigon Airport Plaza, Thao Dien PearlPearl Plaza, and My Dinh Pearl. Along with Opal Tower, the Saigon Pearl complex also includes the luxury developments Pearl Villas, Saigon Pearl Villas, luxury apartments (Rubi, Topaz, Sapphire, shop-houses), Wellspring international school, and Saigon Pearl international school.         


- Opal City View Apartment is one of a few upscale residences in the province of Binh Duong that uses 4.0 technology to run residences.
- At the center of Thu Dau Mot City, in the most exceptional and desirable position. Future price rises are still likely because the infrastructure has been simultaneously planned for growth.
- System of 25+ high-class interior amenities, with a variety of services compared to other apartment projects on the market, including: Infinity pool, gym, spa, and health care for residents, yard garden, outdoor BBQ area, and security system to ensure residents' safety around-the-clock...
- Smart apartment design in a contemporary aesthetic, with a range of options from 1-3 bedrooms to suit all client demands.
- Fine furniture that complies with European norms. Bring only your luggage when moving in for a full home delivery and premium furnishings bundle.
- Flexible cash flow; for about 200 million, or 20% of GTCH, you may acquire a condo in Thu Dau Mot's downtown.
- An alluring program of preferential sales. Vietinbank/VPBank offers loans of up to 75 percent over 20 years with an interest-free period of 18 months.
- Top 10 most renowned project developers in Vietnam: Built and developed by Dat Xanh Group
- A chance to improve the price or obtain a desirable rental in a future market like Thu Dau Mot City, where there are many industrial parks and high-tech zones.

Ms. Grace Nguyen

Typical Apartment

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Image Detail

BT1090002 - Opal Tower Apartment For Rent & For Sale - 2 bed

92 Nguyen Huu Canh street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District

  • 2
  • 90 m²
  • Unfurnished
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail

BT10990916 - Opal Tower Apartment For Rent & For Sale - 2 bedroom

92 Nguyen Huu Canh street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District

  • 2
  • 86 m²
  • Furnished
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail

BT10990919 - Opal Tower Apartment For Rent & For Sale - 2 bedrooms

92 Nguyen Huu Canh street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District

  • 2
  • 86 m²
  • Furnished
Living purpose
Making office
Security 24/24
Front yard
Near Hospital
Swimming Pool
Full Utilities

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