March 21, 2016

8 Most Common Types of Houses in Vietnam

Bungalows, Detached House, Duplex, Row House, Colonial House, Farmhouse, Villa, and Mansion are all popular types of houses that can be easily seen in Vietnam. It depends on the characteristics, structure, conditions of the owner, and the needs of the quality of life, that homeowners choose a house with a unique architecture, bringing a sense of comfort and relaxation when returning home. 

Let's learn the characteristics of different types of houses in Vietnam.

  • Bungalow

Bungalow is a small, one-story house that originated in India in the 17th century. Initially, a bungalow was a simple house built for sailors from England to stay. The name "bungalow" was originally called "bangla" - the original Indian word for "a small hut" for people to raise livestock. When India was a British colony in the 19th century, the British adapted their "bangla" huts to cater to their needs.

In the past, Bungalow houses were built in such a way that it took less time and cost. Wood, bamboo, palm leaves, thatched leaves, etc., are the main building materials of bungalow houses.

The Bungalow House in the past - Source:

Today, Bungalows have become a popular choice of housing in North America and England, but are built with a larger area. The bungalow is improved with a modern style, built of bricks combined with plants, vines, etc. Surrounding the bungalow must have bushes, grass, garden plants, etc., creating a feeling of closeness to nature. The porch of the bungalow design is always wide open.

The modern bungalow - Source:

Currently, in Vietnam, we see Bungalow Houses in tourist areas and resorts. This type of house has a fairly simple design, connecting to the sea or green forest, creating a very peaceful and relaxing feeling.

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  • Detached House

Detached house is a term used to refer to houses, which do not share a wall with other buildings, 4 sides of a detached house can be a garden, swimming pool but not sharing walls with a house. other. Basically, a bungalow, cottage, or even mansion can be termed as a single detached house, as long as it is not connected to any other property through the same wall or tenement.

The detached house models have 4 open sides, usually built on a large area, thus optimizing the natural light environment. On the other hand, Detached house also ensures privacy and independence for the owner, because it does not have to share any walls with other buildings.

A detached house with sunshine - Source:

Currently, it is easy to see Detached Houses in Vietnam, especially in suburban areas, highlands, etc., in harmony with nature. Detached houses are often designed with a unique style with a different, unique and highly artistic style that is not like other detached houses. The swimming pool and garden are also a highlight in the design of this type of detached house.

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  • Duplex

Duplex is a type of double-storey housing, usually a duplex comes in the form of a two story house where a common wall separates the two areas, duplex apartments are usually located on the upper floors of a building, but not on the highest floors. 

A high-class duplex house in Vietnam - Source:

Most Duplex houses are located in buildings with convenient locations such as city centers, resort apartments, and tourism. Duplex houses are now very popular in apartment buildings and high-class apartments in Vietnam, especially in areas with high living standards such as District 2, District 7, District 1. The view of the Duplex is usually a fabulous scene, bringing a sense of comfort and relaxation to the owner. A duplex can then be extended to make three units or more, and then it would be termed as a “three-plex, four-plex, five-plex” and so on.
Some duplex apartments with beautiful design in Vietnam in apartment projects can be mentioned as: Sunwah Pearl, Vinhomes Central Park, etc.

  • Row House

Row houses are modern forms of dwellings that have the same architectural design, are located in the same region and use the same infrastructure system of urban areas. They are adjacent to one another and share a shared wall. These residences are often less expensive than detached homes in gated communities.

The synchronization of Row House - Source:

The new construction and renovation of adjacent houses must ensure the consistency and harmony of form, foundation elevation, standard height at the front of the house on each street segment, street or urban area. Currently, Row Houses are quite popular in the form of villas and resorts in Vietnam, such as: Charm Ho Tram, Novaworld Phan Thiet, Aqua City, etc. 

  • Colonial House

This kind of home incorporates elements from the United State colonial period. There are several varieties of colonial homes, including French colonial, Spanish colonial, Dutch Colonial, Georgian, and German Colonial. Residences created in the colonial style are inspired by houses, government offices, and churches constructed between the 16th and 19th centuries.

A house with Beautiful Colonial StyleSource:

Colonial style is now popular in American residential style. Exterior walls are made of brick or wood. The roof has a moderate slope or no slope. There are five windows on the second floor and the windows are arranged symmetrically around the door and the middle window is installed just above the door.

In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is home to many colonial houses under the influence of French architecture. Colonial houses in Vietnam are often found in tourist cities (such as: Da Lat, Da Nang, etc.) or old quarters, some large Colonial Houses are considered as historical sites such as: Saigon Central Post Office, Independence Palace, Bao Dai Palace, etc.

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  • Farmhouse

No particular design is associated with the style “farm house”, but it is a term that describes the main house that is situated on farm land, rustic, natural and quite traditional. These houses are more practical than aesthetic, but they are often well equipped in terms of insulation and food storage.

A warm farmhouse - Source:

Farmhouse style is a special style when expressing love for land, crops and quiet country space. The typical farmhouse will have a distinctive accent on the porch, and simple details. A farmhouse-style house can be easily recognized through the color, light, rustic look of the furniture, and often has a long, wide hallway and eaves in front of the house.

Currently, in Vietnam, the farmhouse style is chosen by many people to decorate the house and interior. Farmhouses are easily found in provinces and rural areas far from the city center in Vietnam. This style of house is also popular in the form of Homestay or resort tourism, in Da Lat, Sapa, Ha Giang, the houses under the Farmhouse style are extremely unique and attract tourists.

Understanding a farmhouse atWhat Is Farmhouse Style?

  • Villa

When referring to the wealthy country residences of the ancient Romans, a villa was originally used. Today, a stunning, tasteful, high class rural residence is referred to as a villa. The word "villa" may be used to describe affluent dwellings, and homes that fit the definition are often bigger residences with manicured gardens and sometimes a view of the sea or the countryside.

A luxury villa with the  - Source:

Villa is a special accommodation service model located in the high-end segment, which is receiving the attention of many domestic and foreign hotel investors. In Vietnam, this model has been gradually asserting a strong attraction with an increasing number of customers with increasing demand. Notable projects can be mentioned as: Ocean Villa Binh ChauAqua City, etc.

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  • Mansion

The concept of "Mansion" appeared around the 15th century in Europe. The mansion was considered a luxurious living space of the ruling class, the upper class aristocracy at that time such as Mandarins, Lords, Kings, etc. the head of the Roman church, etc. In addition to the function to live and live for a large family, the mansion is also considered a safe haven for the owner because the mansion is usually designed with guards and beauties living around the owner's living space for the purpose of serving and protecting the safety of the owner.

A Mansion with all classic design - Source:

Nowaday, a particularly big residence is referred to as a mansion. Mansions are homes with an area of at least 8,000 square feet (740 square meters), according to real estate agents in the US. Mansions are often distinguished by having a sizable ballroom and lots of bedrooms. Today, however, other than the fact that it should be a sizable and well-appointed house, there are no specific requirements as to what constitutes a mansion.

Unlike Western countries, rich families or Hollywood stars often build mansions in secluded places. Unspoiled places in harmony with nature separate from the rest of the world. The mansions in Vietnam are mostly built in big cities and urban areas. Mansion House are often found in developed provinces and tourist cities such as Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phu Quoc, Da Nang, etc., these include Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc, Ba Na Hills, etc.

In conclusion, these are only some of the most common types of houses that can usually be found in real estate listings. Some of the many other types of houses include end of terrace, colonial houses, chattel houses, deck houses, log cabins, gambrels, and more.
However, many of these terms are not as popular or as common as they once were (like castles for example). Whatever the purpose may be, learning about different types of houses gives us insight into different architectural viewpoints. It also helps us decide which type of house would be most suitable for our personal use.
Ultimately. Which type of house would you like the best?

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