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Modoho - Verified Apartment, House, Villa for Rent & Sale in HCMC

Dear expats in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Modoho comprehensively understand that finding an ideal apartment is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort from searching house on the internet, verify information, checking price, negotiation to signing contract, and It will be very difficult since landlord

Free searching and supporting service

Only landlord have to pay brokerage fees

Useful advice

Based on your requirement, our local expert help you determine the area, building, furniture design & pricing

Verified property

100% properties on Modoho website are verified carefully by us with real pictures

Rental Contract Support

Modoho help tenants prepare or review rental contract carefully to protect the interest of both side

After services with dedicated staff

Care about tenants in term of any resident issues during living time

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October 20, 2022

What To Know Before Travel in Vietnam

Vietnam has recovered from its turbulent past to establish itself as a major player on the Southeast Asian tourist scene. There is a wide range of experiences available, including emerald paddy fields, white sand beaches, bustling cities, ancient pagodas, limestone islands protruding dramatically from the water, enormous caves, craggy mountains, and hospitable minority communities with their ornate tribal costumes and traditional practices. If you go to Vietnam, you'll be welcomed with open arms and curiosity.



October 18, 2022

What To Know About Vietnam Tax?

The personal income tax (PIT)'s for international workers in Vietnam requires deciphering a number of laws. The precise obligation and any necessary deductions must then be calculated for international employees.

Individuals can reduce their tax exposure by consulting with a local tax expert, and companies may be able to find more attractive wage structures with the aid of an advisor. Following an overview of the fundamentals of PIT, we'll go through tax-exempt earnings (benefits from employment that are not subject to PIT) and dependent tax breaks.

https://s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/modoho-s3.production.thumbnail/laws in vietnam_58.jpg


October 18, 2022

Laws In Vietnam: Expats Need To Know

Every nation has its own sets of rules and laws, and while the majority of them exist to prevent the nation from devolving into anarchy, there are some that are quite dubious. This also applies to Vietnam, which has several laws that are comparable to those in most other nations but also a few that may appear peculiar to others. 

When a foreigner is already required to get a "visa" and a "temporary residency card," why is there a requirement to "declare the temporary residence of foreigners"? Together, let's find out.

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“Eden has been superb in not only finding me a great flat at short notice, but also in being on hand to assist with any i“


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