Camping Trip 2019

Team building

April 23, 2019


    Working in a fast-paced environment can make people fall into stress and pressure. As such, exploring the outdoor activities allow people to free their mind from the stresses and demands of work. By engaging in outdoor activities, people can develop self-confidence and creativity by making things around them interesting.

    Our company realized the significant relationship between
    outdoor activities and personal development, so that, we had spent 2 days exploring other places and encourage our member sense of adventure and takes their mind off from the hustle and bustle of work.


    On Jan 24th, 2019 – We had a small trip together. This was a 2D1N camping trip with a lot of interesting activities including escape game, year-end party and board games.


    At the beginning, we find the place to pitch tents and have lunch. The big activities start at 3:00 PM until midnight.



    The first activity is the escape game which was redesigned based on one of the most famous board game “Wolf”  


    It had totally five rounds with five different missions. To become the winner and receive the reward, each team must solve all secret letters which would be given after one mission was accomplished.   



    We separated into two teams (actually, we had three teams). One team is a hidden team, they are “wolfs” and they were received different missions from others. This team also had to compete with the other teams and if they can keep the secret about their team until the end of game, they will receive the treasure.



    The second activity was year-end party. This party is not only a summary of company’s activities during one year, but also the chance that our Modoho’s members can sit together and listen to our achievement, efforts, successes we gained together in the past year.

    Moreover, this meaningful activity creates motivation for our employees, as well as shares the difficulties and the way for overcoming it. We always think that “together we can create the difference”

    The last activity is for the night owls with many board games such as wolf, uno, exploding kittens. The wolf, one more time, become “main character” of the night, we played this game until nearly 3:00 AM and it had been finished when we collected enough money for company milk tea party from losers.







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